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Mar 9, 2021 2 min read

New Openings: Dim Sum, Japanese Katsu, Korean, and Vietnamese Spots

New Openings: Dim Sum, Japanese Katsu, Korean, and Vietnamese Spots
Baked char siu bao at Dimdoduc. Yelp photo by Andrea G.
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There’s a new dim sum takeout spot in the Outer Richmond, DIMDODUC, offering classic dim sum like har gow, pork siu mai, chive dumplings, cheung fun (steamed rice rolls), century egg congee, and sesame balls. Their BBQ pork buns look especially crackly and GBD (golden-brown and delicious). 3398 Balboa St. at 34th Ave.

Jay Roberts of Flybird (which is known for delicious, international versions of fried chicken sandwiches and salads—I love the Jalisco chopped salad) has launched a new concept, Katsu Kitchen, which still features chicken breaded with their house spice blend and panko and then fried, but is now served over rice with housemade Japanese curry, fukujinzuke (a tangy relish), and sesame slaw, all made in-house from scratch. The curry has such deep and complex flavor, it really pops, and that’s because he’s using some higher quality ingredients from Greg Dunmore at The Japanese Pantry, as well as making their own curry blend from organic spices.

You’ll find chicken katsu (or vegetarian) curry bowls and sandwiches; the sandwich is actually more of a dip—it comes on such a squishy French roll, and you dip it into the curry! Plus: there are furikake fries. Available for delivery or pickup at 1 Maiden Lane, Mon-Fri 11am-2pm.

You’ll find a new and affordable Korean spot for lunch in the Fillmore, KITCHEN WOORI, now open in the former Hollywood Cafe. There’s gimbap (maki-style rice roll filled with a variety of seasonal vegetables and your choice of proteins), all kinds of bibimbap, soup of the day, and some lunch boxes (dosirak) with beef bulgogi, spicy pork, or a tonkatsu-style cutlet. Open daily 10am-3pm. 1545 Fillmore St. at Geary.

The former Saigon BBQ in Brisbane has closed, and the Tang family has reopened it in the Outer Sunset as SAIGON BBQ NOODLE HOUSE. You’ll see pho and bun bo hue and banh mi and garlic noodles, and a whole lot more on their extensive menu, but they are prized for their com tam (broken rice) plates. Open daily 11am-9pm (8pm on Sunday). 1936 Irving St. at 21st Ave.

Baked char siu bao at Dimdoduc. Yelp photo by Andrea G.

A first bite of the new chicken Katsu Kitchen dip. Photo: ©
Gimbap from Kitchen Woori. Photo: Kitchen Woori.
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