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Dec 1, 2015 2 min read

Nojo Closes Again, Roosevelt Tamale Parlor Closing This Week, and Sinbad's Closes for Good

Nojo Closes Again, Roosevelt Tamale Parlor Closing This Week, and Sinbad's Closes for Good
Nojo’s dining room. Photo from Facebook.
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Back in October, we mentioned that ~NOJO~ was back open for a few months, and now it has closed again as it transforms into a “brand-new ramen izakaya concept in early January” (per the website). We’ll keep you posted on AP Company’s new project. The website hints, “Soft opening dates will be available in December with a sneak peek menu and limited seating.” Scoop reports “[previous owner Greg] Dunmore will not be involved in the future ramen shop, but says he may consult for the company in the future. He is currently working on his Japanese products importing company.”

Sorry to share the news that Aaron Presbrey and chef Barry Moore have decided to close ROOSEVELT TAMALE PARLOR at the end of this week. Their closure note is a heartfelt one, so I thought I’d just reprint it verbatim here:

“Due to a combination of factors including personal health issues and a shrinking restaurant labor pool which has fueled unsustainable wage expectations, we have been forced to close the brick and mortar location of the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor. This decision was in NO way influenced by our landlord who has been nothing but reasonable and fair with us.

“Although this may seem sudden to you, that is only because we have had to keep this agonizing decision making process private in order to ensure that we didn’t prematurely eliminate any options. For those of you who crave the house gravy or the table salsa, we do hope and plan to bring you many of the flavors you have come to love in jars at retail in the near future.

“We would like to thank all of you who supported us and communed with us as we steered this Grande Dame through her golden years. We would also like to think she was as great at her passing as at any other point in her illustrious, long and full lifetime.”

Best wishes to the gents, and I will keep you posted of any news regarding retail sales of their tasty salsa and sauces. You can also keep up with them on their Facebook page. 2817 24th St. at York, 415-824-2600.

And wow, it’s hard to believe the surly pirate has left the ship, but SINBAD’S has officially closed. I’ve been following their updates on Facebook—including some winning pics of seafood with broccoli and pilaf on the side and a Coors Light (in a bottle) proudly and unironically sitting in the background—and was surprised to finally see a post about their closure. Arrrrrrr! And now the Port of San Francisco can start construction on the new ferry terminal. Pier 2, 141 The Embarcadero.

Nojo’s dining room. Photo from Facebook.

The iconic Roosevelt Tamale Parlor sign; Yelp photo by Marina N.
The sign at Sinbad’s. Yelp photo by Ed U.
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