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Jul 14, 2015 1 min read

Ownership Changes: Koo's Kiyoshi Hayakawa into Ino, Grubstake Owners Retire

Ownership Changes: Koo's Kiyoshi Hayakawa into Ino, Grubstake Owners Retire
The counter at Ino. Yelp photo by Jenny Q.
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We noticed an ABC license transfer for Japantown’s ~INO SUSHI~ (one of SF’s most notorious sushi Nazis), and after some sleuthing it looks like the new owners are none other than Ayumi and Kiyoshi Hayakawa of KOO SUSHI. Perhaps Ino-san (and his poor frazzled wife) are finally retiring.

We reported on the license transfer application at Koo last month with Koo’s potential new owners, and it looks like this is the follow-up to that, with a little do-si-do to Ino’s space. The new application for the Ino space says it will be called An Sushi. We have reached out numerous times to Koo but no one will call us back with details, so that’s all we know for now. We’ll hopefully hear back from Ino soon as well, and will keep you posted. 22 Peace Plaza, Suite 510 at Buchanan, 415-922-3121.

We noticed a liquor license transfer application for late-night powerhouse GRUBSTAKE yesterday, and then this morning Scoop shared some details. The new owner is Nicholas Pigott, who owns Mayes Oyster House and calls himself a real estate developer on his LinkedIn page. Despite that résumé, though, he tells Scoop: “We’re going to take over and run it as is…Nobody is going to notice a difference. We’re going to maintain the status quo.” So everyone can breathe a big sigh of relief. In fact, the space won’t even close when ownership officially changes later this summer. Current owners Fernando and Linda Santos are ready to retire, and we’d say they deserve some time off. Hopefully the caldo verde will remain! 1525 Pine St. at Polk, 415-673-8268.

The counter at Ino. Yelp photo by Jenny Q.

The iconic exterior of Grubstake. Yelp photo by トモ T.
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