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Mar 6, 2012 1 min read

Parklet Watch

Parklet Watch
Pizzeria Delfina parklet rendering; image via The New Fillmore.
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There is all kinds of parklet activity happening around town, here’s the latest: guests waiting for a table at PIZZERIA DELFINA Pac Heights on California will soon have a place to sit, according to The New Fillmore. When it is completed in late March or early April, it will be the first parklet in the neighborhood. Architects Jessica Weigley and Kevin Hackett (Síol Studios) will be including sculptural benches and planters, along with four or five tables for Delfina.

My friend at farm + cellar pointed me to this lovely video they produced for FARM:TABLE, the TenderNob café that is trying to get their Kickstarter funded so they can add some greenery to the neighborhood and expand their super-tiny space. 754 Post St. at Leavenworth.

Lastly, after an initial tip-off via Mission Mission, I checked in with Bill Clarke of ~MISSION BEACH CAFE~ on the status of their impending parklet, which he says was preliminarily approved, but a couple objections were raised after he posted a public notification of the parklet. Would you believe one of the objections was from a resident in COLE VALLEY? Excuse me? That is a whole other level of NIMBY: not in my backyard, or yours (a NIMBYOY?). Anyway, stand by for a hearing date and news from MBC soon on how to support them. The plan is to have a parklet that is tiered up the hillside, and in alignment with Clarke’s fantastic design sense, will also be a bit of a statement piece.

Pizzeria Delfina parklet rendering; image via The New Fillmore.

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