Pica Pica Opening in the Mission Mission


Photo from Pica Pica.

Visitors to the Oxbow Public Market in Napa may have tried the tasty arepas and other Venezuelan street food bites at ~PICA PICA MAIZE KITCHEN~. In early April, Pica Pica is launching a second restaurant in the former Mi Lindo Yucatan Space on Valencia here in the city. Owner-executive chef Adriana Lopez Vermut is collaborating with her father on the menu of arepas ($7.99); cachapas (imagine a corn pancake quesadilla; $8.99), and maize’wiches ($7.99), grilled corn breads stuffed or layered with meat, cheese, and vegetable fillings. There will also be empanadas, yucca fries, and sweet plantains (all $3.99), plus soups ($3.99 small, $5.75 large) and salads ($3.75). Quench your thirst with their coconut lemonade, and more “adult beverages” will be available when their beer and wine license kicks in. The 30-seat space is currently being renovated, and will feature a predominantly glass storefront facing both streets, plus orange tiles, and wood benches of dark-stained elm. Hours will be 10am-10pm daily. 401 Valencia St. at 15th St.