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Aug 2, 2011 2 min read

Pig Patrol: Pig and Pie, and The Dancing Pigs

Pig Patrol: Pig and Pie, and The Dancing Pigs
The future home of Pig and Pie; photo courtesy of Mission Mission.
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Pig continues to be the new black. First up, both Grub Street and Mission Mission have been tracking what is going into the former Discolandia space in the Mission: PIG AND PIE.

One of the owners handily wrote in some comments on the MM post, so here are the details, straight from the horse’s mouth: “Pig and Pie is going to serve handmade sausages with unique dressings and homemade pies for dessert. We’ll have a standard selection, including a vegan option, as well as rotating specials and a variety of interesting side dishes. The pies will be made from local seasonal fruits and be accompanied by ice cream from one of the local ice cream houses. We’re looking to create a place where you can get upscale food at a downscale price in a casual setting.”

He goes on: “We’re very excited about opening a restaurant on 24th St. I’ve lived in the ‘hood for well over a decade and have wanted to open a restaurant of some kind for about the last 5 years but all the pieces didn’t come together until now. The biggest piece of that was finding my business partner Nate. Nate is a butcher and a chef, he makes a mean sausage and I’m happy to have him running the kitchen. The other piece was locating a space. I’d actually been looking for a space on 24th St. for a few months (considered the old Papa Potrero space but decided to pass on it) so when I saw that Discolandia was shutting down we jumped on it. It’s really our ideal location. We’re still waiting for the conditional use permit hearing with the Planning Dept which should happen sometime in September.  With any luck we’ll be able to open by November. Can’t wait! (And can’t wait to see the menu.)” And yes, they are trying to save the super-groovy signage—read the comments for details on why that’s tricky. 2962 24th St. at Alabama.

And over in the Castro, Grub Street notes there’s license activity for the Nirvana space, replacing it with THE DANCING PIGS (no word if that’s the actual name of the business) from owners Linda Holl, James Kleysteuber, and Lawrence Metzger. Nirvana is currently open; stand by for more details soon. 544 Castro St. at Market.

The future home of Pig and Pie; photo courtesy of Mission Mission.

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