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Dec 5, 2017 2 min read

Saison Team Opening Angler on the Embarcadero and in Los Angeles

Saison Team Opening Angler on the Embarcadero and in Los Angeles
Chef Joshua Skenes. Photos by Bonjwing Lee.
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I have been following up with Joshua Skenes of Saison for the past month about some rumors I have been hearing about him opening a project in the former Chaya space (at 132 The Embarcadero), and today his PR team has finally released some details.

Chef Skenes and wine director Mark Bright partnered with Terra Venture to form the Saison Hospitality Group in 2016, and their next project is to open ANGLER, an American raw bar and grill. They will be opening in the former Chaya space on The Embarcadero, which has fantastic views of the bay, and in Los Angeles. (According to Eater, the L.A. location will be in the Beverly Center, although Saison’s PR won’t confirm that detail.)

Each restaurant will each have a capacity of approximately 100 seats, with space for private parties. Here’s more from the press release on the look and style: “Both outposts will evoke a rich maritime setting, with rusted steel beams, exposed brick, elements of copper with a saltwater patina, mermaid tiles, and natural materials such as American walnut. Each will feature an entry room with a fireplace, full bar, and an inviting salon for diners to gather before and after their meal—or just stop in for a glass of wine, cocktails, and a quick bite. Angler will have an elegant and warm environment with an expansive and diverse wine cellar with a focus on Burgundy, Rhone, and Loire Valley.”

Skenes is known for his dedication to cooking on the hearth, and Angler will feature a massive 32-foot hearth with eight different zones for the various types of live-fire cooking Saison has developed over the years. Live tanks will hold local fish and shellfish sourced by Saison’s fisherman that will be cooked simply and carefully to highlight the products’ natural flavors and peak taste.

The à la carte menu’s sample dishes include raw bar items like oysters and clams; Mendocino sea urchin on grilled bread; cured rockfish with Meyer lemon; simple salad of lettuces and herbs; spot prawns grilled over a bed of seaweeds; California king crab steamed with drawn butter from their cows; Hopi cornbread baked with wild boar fat in a skillet near the fire; elk T-bone roasted over the embers with coffee beans and chiles; and for dessert, wild strawberry soup, and ember ice cream and espresso granita.

The targeted opening is summer 2018 for San Francisco, while Los Angeles will be fall 2018.

Chef Joshua Skenes. Photos by Bonjwing Lee.

Wine director Mark Bright.
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