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Oct 15, 2013 1 min read

Sebo in Hayes Valley Closing at the End of October

Sebo in Hayes Valley Closing at the End of October
One of many things I will be missing about Sebo. Photo: ©
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I was sorry to learn that chef-owner Michael Black of ~SEBO~ in Hayes Valley has decided to close the restaurant. Unfortunately after a few years of dispute, he was unable to negotiate favorable lease renewal conditions with the property management company. Sebo is planning to have its last dinner service on Saturday October 26th.

Black opened the restaurant in 2006 (after two years of construction), and was a pioneer in the evolving neighborhood—it’s a shame that he can no longer stay in the neighborhood he worked so hard to help put on the map as a culinary destination (to wit: Sebo was featured on No Reservations). He has also done a lot to elevate the local conversation about sushi, specifically seafood sourcing and seasonality (yes, that was a lot of alliteration right there). Black notes how times have changed, with fish prices skyrocketing: “When we opened Sebo, we could get giant clam for $5 or $6 a pound, and now it’s up to $30 a pound.” One thing that has been marvelously consistent about the restaurant is the quality of the seafood they served. I have enjoyed many meals at Sebo (oh, the ankimo, and uni!), especially at that intimate counter.

But it’s ultimately a good time for him to take a break—his third child was just born in August (congrats!). Black definitely has a few potential irons and ideas in the fire, so stand by for news about his next moves. In the meantime, be sure to head in there for a proper farewell cheers with his Orion beer, and follow Black on Twitter at @sebosf to keep current with him. Best wishes, Michael, and thanks for the many wonderful meals and experiences at Sebo.

One of many things I will be missing about Sebo. Photo: ©

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