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Oct 27, 2015 2 min read

St. Vincent Reopens This Week with a Special Event, Porchetta, and, Of Course, Wine

St. Vincent Reopens This Week with a Special Event, Porchetta, and, Of Course, Wine
Owner David Lynch. Photo: ©
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Earlier this month, David Lynch of ~ST. VINCENT~ in the Mission announced he was going to be changing the format to more of an enoteca/wine bar—with a focus on retail sales—and less of a restaurant. He is unveiling the new format this week, after hosting chef-farmer-author Chris Fischer on Thursday October 29th, who will be cooking from his new Beetlebung Farm Cookbook (you can view the menu and reservation details for the event here—three words: lobster pan roast).

After that inaugural pop-up event, the menu will shift to being more enoteca in style, with all-day appeal. Dishes include tramezzini and salads, plus other small plates, and happy hour will bring some cicchetti and snacks. Lynch is working with Giovanni Airaghi on the menu, a Milanese, whom he met at the Jackson Place Café while he was working at Quince (the man reportedly makes a mean cappuccino). Look for the menu to ramp up even more in coming weeks. And since it will now be easier for guest chefs to come by for pop-up nights, look for more special events to happen in the future as well.

Friday will be a very soft opening, and you’ll probably want to come by on Saturday for porchetta panini (12pm-6pm)—and there will be a casual wine tasting.

While the wine list has always been multinational in style, look for even more Italian wines to be present as the retail part of the business will be coming to the forefront. If you taste something you love, you can buy a bottle and bring it home. (You’ll notice some changes in how the space is now laid out.) What this new retail model also means is that instead of paying a restaurant markup (typically three times) for wines, guests will just pay the retail price plus a $20 corkage fee. So guess who is going to be drinking some screamingly good deals? Yeah, you. There will also be a St. Vincent wine club coming soon, and look for lots of tastings, especially on Saturdays.

Hours will be Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm, so you’ll be able to come in whenever, and there will no longer be the need for reservations (although those will be accepted for large parties). Expect some day drinking in your near future.

Owner David Lynch. Photo: ©

Exterior of St. Vincent. Photo: ©
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