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Mar 29, 2011 1 min read

Stinking Rose Group Has Taken Over The Old Clam House

Stinking Rose Group Has Taken Over The Old Clam House
Yelp photo from Eddie C.
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Longtime Bayview restaurant THE OLD CLAM HOUSE has been bought by the group behind The Stinking Rose (who also own Calzone’s, Bobo’s, The Franciscan, and the upcoming Salito’s/old Margaritaville in Sausalito). The restaurant has been around since 1861, and when it became available, Jerry Dal Bozzo was interested in picking it up—the group’s director of marketing, Brandy Marts, reminded me he has an interest in historical properties: Dal Bozzo was the one to reopen the Cliff House in 1973. They are currently updating the space room by room, refreshing the paint, chairs, and other touches. They are also working to reopen the patio, which will be glassed-in.

I had a chance to catch up with chef Andrea Froncillo, who walked me through the menu changes. He’s taking a lot of the fried dishes off, and modernizing some of the preparations (for example, he’s simplifying the cioppino, with reportedly good feedback from some regulars). He also changed the clams from cherrystones to Manilas due to some availability issues, and added prime rib to the menu. You’ll also see more salads and some lighter lunch options for folks who work in the neighborhood. You can peek at the new menu here. And if you’re an Old Clam House regular and your favorite dish is off the menu, you can still request some of them, like Louie dressing for your shrimp. 299 Bayshore Blvd. at Oakdale, 415-826-4880.

Yelp photo from Eddie C.

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