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Nov 20, 2012 1 min read

Technology Is Our Friend: How to Score Good Burritos and Dan Tat

Technology Is Our Friend: How to Score Good Burritos and Dan Tat
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Many of you have been downloading the tablehopper late-night dining app (thanks, glad you dig it!) and now here’s another one in the Know What network of apps you’re gonna want in your iPhone’s arsenal of AWESOME APPS: San Francisco’s Top 30 Taquerias from Yup, the one and only slab-munchin’, mustache-granting, swish-rating Charles Hodgkins is sharing his top picks with you, dear burrito lover. (He’s reviewed more than 950 burritos, so he knows what he’s doing, yo.) Pay $1.99 in the App Store and you’ll soon know the top 30 of the some 150 taquerias we blessedly have in SF that are keeping our bellies a minimum of one pant size too large. (Well, at least mine.) Make those calories count—this app won’t let you eat crap burritos with lettuce in them.

Also worth noting: the biennial Slab Scrum is under way, with places like Papalote and Gordo duking it out for the best burrito title. Follow the 2012 Slab Scrum this November and December!

Also useful: this handy-dandy new website that tells you if GOLDEN GATE BAKERY is open or not. Right? Love it! Any local can tell you this place can definitely pose challenges for scoring dan tat—in fact, when trying to film my upcoming Hungry In… Chinatown episode, the damn place was closed. Classic. No egg custard tarts for me, or you! 1029 Grant Ave. at Jackson, 415-781-2627.

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