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Jan 20, 2015 2 min read

The Market on Market, Opening This Week in the Twitter Building

The Market on Market, Opening This Week in the Twitter Building
The exterior of The Market on Market. Photo by Asta Karalis.
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Opening Wednesday January 21st is the first wave of food businesses in Market Square, aka “the Twitter building.” Last Friday, I took a quick tour of THE MARKET ON MARKET, which has a 22,000-square-foot floor plan, complete with a grocery store, numerous prepared food and beverage options (although it’s far from a food court as we know it), a butcher shop, chocolatier, and much more.

It’s actually the first of three upcoming locations of The Market: in spring, The Market on Polk will be opening at 1650 Polk Street, and then The Market on Main will be opening at 201 Folsom Street in January 2016. The founders are Bruce Slesinger and Tom Collom (Small Foods, Bruce and Tom Architects), plus Chris Foley and Richard Hoff.

The food market features well-stocked shelves of organic produce and quality products, and some are so niche you won’t find them elsewhere. The salad bar is organic, and there are also some hot dishes and prepared foods, like soups and roasted meats. You’ll find many more prepared foods at a taco bar; pizzeria (both Neapolitan and California style); a tapas bar with Mediterranean-style small plates; a sandwich bar (including a hot Cubano, and to be clear, I am talking about the sandwich); a deli counter with charcuterie, salumi, and quality cheeses; a bakeshop with breads made on-site (from Adam Becker, previously Bacchus Management Group), plus pastries and sweets; a Japanese sushi, deli, and raw bar (with four kinds of oysters, plus nigiri sushi, maki, crudos, salads, soup, and vegetables), helmed by sushi chef Yasu Ueno; and there’s a café serving Four Barrel coffee, plus sandwiches, salads, and other grab-and-go options for lunch and dinner. The butcher shop will feature only humanely raised meats, like pork from Becker Lane and lamb from Stemple Creek. You can buy and drink wine and beer at a wine/beer bar, plus there are retail options too.

Additional tenants with their own shops include Azalina Eusope’s first brick and mortar, Azalina’s Malaysian (opening on February 2nd, more on this soon!), a Blue Bottle Coffee kiosk (coming to Stevenson, off 10th Street), Nuubia (a San Francisco-based artisan chocolatier, Lionel Clement, specializing in responsibly sourced chocolate confections, truffles, and candy bars, plus ice cream), and cold-pressed juices from Project Juice. There’s also an extensively stocked EO Products store, where you can even mix your own lotion and refill your soap bottles, and you’ll find flower bouquets from Farmgirl Flowers.

Up next: the bar and restaurant, Dirty Water, followed by Bon Marché Bar & Brasserie from the AQ team, and the Cadillac Bar & Grill this summer. Open daily 7am-10pm (although some vendors, like the butcher shop, won’t open until 9am). 1355 Market St. at 10th St.

The exterior of The Market on Market. Photo by Asta Karalis.

The wine and beer bar at The Market on Market. Photo by Asta Karalis.
The café’s blue tiled wall. Photo by Asta Karalis.
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