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Jul 14, 2015 3 min read

Tidbits: SF Hometown Creamery Open, Uyghur Taamliri, Testing at Old Bus Tavern, Fire at Hecho/Brewcade

Tidbits: SF Hometown Creamery Open, Uyghur Taamliri, Testing at Old Bus Tavern, Fire at Hecho/Brewcade
The line for Hometown Creamery. Photo: ©
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After picnicking and enjoying Flower Piano in Golden Gate Park, my friend and I walked to Snowbird Coffee for an afternoon shakerato (we needed to wake up after being in the sun, drinking rosé, and stuffing our faces with Merigan subs). Walking down 9th Avenue, we saw a long line (yes, lines are mandatory in every neighborhood in San Francisco) and realized SF HOMETOWN CREAMERY was now open and serving ice cream.

The business opened in the former Hotei, and you’ll still see some wood counters and beams from the building’s previous incarnation. We didn’t join the line, but a look at the ice cream flavor board included chocolate fudge and peanut butter, strawberry-balsamic, fresh mint chocolate chip, and rosemary-lemon, all served in homemade cones. There are also milk shakes, root beer floats, tea, and ice cream sandwiches. You can read more about the owner-brothers Adar and Saadi Halil here; it turns out that they are even pasteurizing their own milk, making the ice cream truly from scratch. 1290 9th Ave. at Lincoln, 415-682-4977.

We spotted this new Uighur restaurant on Yelp, and of course wonderful Chowhounds managed to find out even more details. The restaurant is called UYGHAR TAAMLIRI and is located in the back of Chug Pub on Lincoln Way in the Sunset. The restaurant is run by a man named Carl and his father and specializes in the cuisine of Central Asia—specifically, Western China, with influences from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. That means lots of lamb, hand-pulled wheat noodles, and spices like cumin and pepper, with dishes like the laghman, a hand-pulled noodle dish with your choice of lamb, beef, or chicken, cooked with garlic and served with a large assortment of vegetables. There is also şorpa, a lamb stew with onion, potatoes, carrot, and parsley, which looks like the perfect dish for a foggy day or groggy head. Hours are daily 11am-2pm and 4pm-10pm. 1849 Lincoln Wy. at 20th Ave., 415-242-9930.

In advance of their grand opening in the former El Patio space in a couple of weeks, brewpub OLD BUS TAVERN has been hosting some test dinners Wed-Fri, with a limited menu and pouring a variety of guest draft beers (their own brews aren’t ready just yet). A tablehopper reader forwarded chef Max Snyder’s test menu, sharing that the steak fries feature beef salt, which is “dried beef tongue, paprika, etc., mixed with salt. Ummmm, yeah.” There are also pickled quail eggs with fried onions, chili with slow-cooked chuck, and onion spaetzle with maitake mushrooms, mustard seeds, and kohlrabi. And, of course, there’s a mighty sick burger, with housemade bacon and more fried onions. Stand by for news on the official opening and more details soon. 3193 Mission St. at Valencia, 415-843-1938.

On the evening of Saturday July 11th, a fire broke out in the kitchen at HECHO and quickly spread to the wall the restaurant shares with BREWCADE. It happened around 7:30pm, and both locations had to be evacuated. Fortunately no one was hurt and neither business seems to have sustained major damage, but Brewcade will be closed until Wednesday or Thursday of this week for repairs (UPDATE: BREWCADE IS NOW OPEN). Best of luck to everyone, and we’re so glad everyone is okay! 2200 Market St. at 15th St.

The line for Hometown Creamery. Photo: ©

The bar at Hecho Cantina. Photo via Facebook.
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