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Jun 21, 2011 1 min read

Weird Fish Reopens Tonight

Weird Fish Reopens Tonight
Photo of Timothy Holt/Weird Fish by Sheila Menezes.
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After some ownership changes, adjustments, repainting, hiring, and a temporary closure, ~WEIRD FISH~ is opening once again tonight for dinner. I received a note and a call from owner Timothy Holt, who said he has brought on chef Gavin Braid (Georges, Monk’s Kettle, Wayfare Tavern). The reopening menu will feature some of the Weird Fish classic seafood dishes, along with their vegan trademarks like the Buffalo Girls, but Holt said the menu will be evolving in time. There will be pasta, fish, and vegetable specials added, and he mentioned a crab roll is coming back (served on a roll made by the bakery next door). He wants to keep the menu as local and sustainable as possible, which will ultimately limit many of the seafood options for the restaurant.

More than anything, he’s fired up with his current life as a farmer at Roshambo up in Healdsburg. He’s raising pigs, chickens, goats, turkeys, and more, and hopes to provide the restaurant with most if not all of its produce—seasonality in full effect, yo. There might even be a CSA running out of Weird Fish at some point, along with canned jams and other items made by his girlfriend. Yup, they’re getting all Little House on the Prairie on us.

Look for some new local wines on tap, and since chef Braid is big on beer after working at Monk’s Kettle, there will be a “chef’s choice” selection of beers on the menu as well. You’ll also notice a new wall piece of old boxes with found objects by Romanowski, a local artist/DJ. Dinner will be Mon-Sat 5:30pm-11pm, with lunch starting in a couple weeks, and then weekend brunch will kick in. Follow the restaurant on Facebook for updates.

Photo of Timothy Holt/Weird Fish by Sheila Menezes.

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