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Feb 9, 2016 2 min read

Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery Opens This Month

Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery Opens This Month
A sampling of bagels from Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery. Photo courtesy of Caviar.
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Cue the bagel excitement, really and truly, because Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman of WISE SONS are very, very close to opening WISE SONS BAGEL & BAKERY, their 2,200-square-foot commissary kitchen, production bakery, and shop on Fillmore. They’re about 95 percent finished, and barring any last-minute hiccups, are hoping to open around Friday February 26th (that date could shift, but that’s the goal).

To recap, there will be just around 10 seats, so it’s primarily designed for takeout. You can order bagels, classic schmears, and baked goods, and there will be an array of smoked fish, like lox and sable. (There’s a chilled case for grab-and-go items too.) An exciting tidbit: some of the smoked and cured fish will be from the same purveyors that New York’s famed Russ & Daughters use.

There will also be five to eight bagel sandwiches, like the West Coast Veggie (house hummus, roasted seasonal vegetable, pickled onions, market green mix on a poppy seed bagel), East Coast Veggie (cucumbers, hothouse tomatoes, pickled onions, market green mix, and whipped cream cheese on an everything bagel), and an Egg & Cheese (cage-free egg omelette, breakfast patty made from chicken and pastrami with typical breakfast spices, and melted Tillamook cheddar on a bialy).

The espresso bar will be supplied by Intelligentsia, which roasts to order in Potrero Hill. And how’s that for a meeting of the minds (Intelligentsia + Wise Sons = so smaht!).

Initial hours are looking like 7am-3pm and could morph to 8am-2pm or thereabouts; we’ll have to see how things shake out. Hours will probably extend on the weekends. We’ll keep you posted.

Inside tip: Wise Sons is getting some practice with their bagel production and selling them on 24th Street at ~WISE SONS DELI~, as well as at their stand at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. No guarantees on availability, but who knows, you could get lucky. Follow along on Instagram for updates. 1520 Fillmore St. at Geary.

A sampling of bagels from Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery. Photo courtesy of Caviar.

Bages, bagels, bagels. Photo courtesy of Wise Sons.
West Coast Veggie bagel sandwich with roasted kuri squash. Photo courtesy of Wise Sons.
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