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Apr 9, 2018 4 min read

This week's tablehopper: a microdose.

This week's tablehopper: a microdose.
One of the 32 neon pieces we got to enjoy while feasting at the She Bends salon dinner last week at The Midway Gallery. Photo: ©
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Howdy folks! I’m baaaaack! Finally healthy again. I have been a busy bee over here, getting ready to fill you in on some exciting news… Ya ready? Okay! Let’s start with the big news. On Thursday April 19th, I’m going to be launching my new cannabis media brand: my milligram. It will be a weekly newsletter featuring low-dosage and well-made cannabis products, plus a mention of local events. I’m keeping it very short and topical (just one product per week), but highly informative (ha-ha, the puns!). I’m also going to be launching some subscription boxes! And hosting information-filled events. I’ll share more on all this on the 19th, when I send the first my milligram newsletter. A lot is happening!

You may have noticed on my @tablehopper Instagram over the past couple of years my growing (and more visible) interest in cannabis products and experiences. It’s such an exciting and thrilling space, filled with an incredible community, innovation, and growing access to experience the magical and healing medicine of the cannabis plant in a myriad of ways.

I will be telling more about my journey on the 19th, but I want to share that my relationship with cannabis now is so different from the toking days of my twenties. I have discovered I’m a microdoser in a heavy-hitter world, and through carefully managing my intake through well-made, low-dosage edible products, I have found a great deal of happiness, ease, wellness, creativity, spiritual insight, and plenty of giggles too. I’ve been on such a deep dive of education and exploration this past year, and after a while, I realized I have too much excitement and information to contain it all, so the idea of my milligram was born.

I know a lot of canna-curious folks are out there, wondering how to navigate this new world, and how it may help with something you are dealing with. Some may be returning to cannabis after a looong break (you know, like from the ’60s), and some have never tried it at all. Some folks have only had terrifying and paranoid experiences (I am so sorry about that), and I’m here to say, it doesn’t have to be like that. As someone who is prone to overthinking, you can find a sweet spot of feeling good but not necessarily psychoactivated—or maybe just a little bit (and being okay with that). Feeling in control. Going low and slow.

So, I hope some of you are excited to explore this world with me. It’s such a great time to be a Northern Californian. (Isn’t it always?) I am going to take everything I have learned the past 15 years about how I assess food and drink and apply that to cannabis. Let me guide you to some beautiful products that can help with sleep, or anxiety, or aches, or inflammation, or just help you unwind, make dinner taste really good, and have you laugh harder at your Netflix show too. Let me tell you, my nature walks have been such a joy. Life can be hard, for many reasons, so if I can help guide you to a bit more ease and happiness in your life, then great. I’m on my own journey and would love your company!

Thanks for telling your friends. You can even tell your mom. Because moms are an important part of my product reviewing parameters—I won’t be writing about anything that I wouldn’t give to my own mother. I also want to do my part to help destigmatize cannabis use. That lazy stoner archtype? Nope, it doesn’t fit this busy lady. It’s time to make some new ones, people.

You can sign up at, and the first issue is going out next Thursday on 4/19—as I like to say, it’s comin’ in low and slow before the high holiday of 4/20. You can also follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

So, what does this all mean for tablehopper? Well, good news: tablehopper will continue! But it’s going to be put on a diet. (THAT was a long time coming, ha.) After 12 years of sending this column every Tuesday, I am going to be moving tablehopper to a biweekly schedule, so you’ll be receiving it every other Tuesday. I’m going to start the new schedule and will go dark on Tuesday April 24th, and will be running it every other week after that.

Still want to get your weekly fill? Well, more good news: I’m going to be writing a weekly feature for KQED’s Bay Area Bites called Table Talk! I’ll be covering the same kind of food news you see in tablehopper, like new restaurant and bar openings, cool events, tasty food tips, and special offers—it will be posted on their site on Mondays. I’m so excited to be writing for KQED Bay Area Bites, and I’ll be sure to point you to my first piece!

So, you now have not just one but three places to read me, covering the culinary, beverage, and cannabis worlds, which, in Northern California, is kind of our own special trinity, right?

OK, so that’s my news! I am really fired up over here. Thanks for your constant support as I stretch my wings, make some adjustments, and take flight on this new venture. I hope you join me.

I will continue to host tablehopper events, oh you know it. Which is why I want to make sure you save the date for an apericena party on Thursday May 3rd at the upcoming Cento Osteria (from Donato Scotti) on the Embarcadero! Details and tickets will be in next week’s issue! I’d love to see you.

Thanks, everyone! XO


One of the 32 neon pieces we got to enjoy while feasting at the She Bends salon dinner last week at The Midway Gallery. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Apr 10 2018

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