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Jan 10, 2011 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: afternoon delight.

This week's tablehopper: afternoon delight.
The eggs (by candlelight) in Cafe Jacqueline’s kitchen.
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Can I just do a shout out for spicy food? I’m gonna, right now, because not only did it put some fire in my belly this past cold-as-hell week, but I think it also burned out this lame cold that has been lingering and way overstaying its presence in my life. Spices II said, “Begone! And don’t mess!” I also chomped on some delicious (and spicy!) lamb chops at Don Pisto’s on Saturday night, a kickass new menu item over there. I was actually supposed to be dining with friends at Cafe Jacqueline that night, but a nasty power outage in North Beach meant no soufflé for us! I think the universe was actually trying to take care of me, and steer me to spicier fare. Word.

I spent quite a bit of time home last week, so here are two things I was digging in my housebound state: free, fresh (and sometimes warm!) bagels delivered to my door on Mondays (all I have to pay for is a small delivery fee) from Sour Flour—yeah, bagel delivery! The other (not for the faint of heart) was the very dark and gory (but also kind of funny) horror movie Bitter Feast, about a New York chef/TV star who goes completely batshit when his career implodes—he kidnaps a food blogger who wrote a lousy review of his restaurant, and proceeds to exact some really demented revenge on the guy (out now on DVD and Video on Demand). (I’m sure there are some cooks and chefs out there who will dig it.)

Okay, back to my exploding inbox. Things are getting out of hand over here at ‘hopper HQ.

Ciao! Marcia Gagliardi

The eggs (by candlelight) in Cafe Jacqueline’s kitchen.View tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Jan 11 2011

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