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Sep 27, 2012 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: better, faster, shorter.

This week's tablehopper: better, faster, shorter.
Tuna crudo at Commonwealth with lardo and melon. Photo: ©
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Hola amigos. Big thanks to everyone who wrote in with headache remedies for me—after four days, that damn thing finally took a hike. It made me step back and take a look at my stress level, which has not been ideal lately. I hate this feeling of always being behind: behind in my emails, my Twitter feed, my reviews, my deadlines, my research, my phone calls. (I know I am not alone in this.)

So in an effort to streamline things, I have decided—for real this time—that I am not allowing myself to write reviews that are more than 450 words, which is less than half of what they usually clock in at. There is always so much I want to write about in my reviews: the chef’s story, the ingredients, the design, the details. It’s the stuff I love. But every week, the task is proving too daunting with all the other writing I am doing, so I’m only writing one or two a month. I’m not a fan of staying up until 1am every night at my computer, it’s getting tedious. Besides, I imagine you just want to know where to go and what’s good in a shorter review anyway—no one really has much time these days. So this week is the debut of my first shorter review, I hope you enjoy it.

This weekend I am off to the 707 for a little jaunt and some sun—going to stay with my dear friends in Yountville, and I will be hitting up The Thomas and Goose & Gander. Looking forward to it. Speaking of the 707, we also have a 707 scout update for you.

Before signing off, here’s my weekly post for on four places to go for fabulous biscuits around town. Mmmm, biscuits!

Have a fab weekend,

Marcia Gagliardi

Tuna crudo at Commonwealth with lardo and melon. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Sep 28 2012

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