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Feb 8, 2016 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: embracing fat Tuesday.

This week's tablehopper: embracing fat Tuesday.
The famed NoMad roast chicken for two (isn’t it great when dishes surpass their hype?). Photo: ©
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How y’all doing? Did you survive SB50? I keep hearing how everyone is happy to have the city return to normal…although today is Mardi Gras, so some folks’ livers just can’t catch a break.

If you want a quick reminder on who’s doing what, you can head to Town Hall for their annual party, Boxing Room, The Elite Cafe, 1300 on Fillmore, and in the 510, Penrose will have special cocktails, food, and beignets all night. Let the good times roll. And be sure to play Beyoncé’s latest tour de force one more time before heading out. (Question to self: How many times is too many to watch a video? I can’t stop. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve seen her do.)

Here in New York, I have been up to some definite shenanigans, from enjoying last week’s Slow Wine event, to a hearty dinner at Rosemary’s, and a gut-busting brunch at The Brooklyn Star, adventures in halva, and some culcha at the new Whitney.

Last night was a decadent one: when Eugenio Jardim tells you he’s in town for the West of West tasting with Ernest Vineyards, and they invite you to a late dinner at the NoMad, the answer of course is yes! That roast chicken—what a truly extravagant wonder of a dish.

I’m having a great time assimilating—am learning my subway lines, finding my local markets, and figuring how long it takes to get around (with some definite curveballs). So I figured it was time to write this piece for Time Out on 10 Things Out-of-Towners Will Immediately Notice About New York. (I forgot to add all the smoking on the street, ugh.) Oh, and let’s look at owl cafés in Japan, shall we?

Bisous from chilly NYC! Happy Valentine’s Day! Marcia Gagliardi

The famed NoMad roast chicken for two (isn’t it great when dishes surpass their hype?). Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Feb  9 2016

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