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Feb 14, 2022 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: fake spring.

This week's tablehopper: fake spring.
Onion and white pearl course at Atelier Crenn (with the most magical French onion soup broth on the side). Photo: ©
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Hello, friends. I know Fortuna and I are not the only ones happy to see the sun come back today after yesterday’s grey chill (WTF). I hope you had a fabulous LOVE DAY—my adorable neighbors texted me at 10:30pm while I was up late writing this thing and asked if I’d like a freshly baked Pink Lady pastry with crème anglaise. Would I?? Awwww. HEARTS. I was still on cloud nine from a five-hour belated birthday celebration dinner at Atelier Crenn on Friday with a fab fempire table. It was also my first time eating indoors since the omi wave—what a special way to return. I’ll be posting highlights on the hopper socials soon.

MORE HEARTS: thanks to all of you who filled out the tablehopper survey! You are appreciated. Ends up I’m extending the deadline one more week (to Tuesday February 22nd), so if you haven’t filled it out yet, you can chime in with your answers this week—it will help me out so much. Consider it an early anniversary present: tablehopper turns sweet sixteen on February 21st! Can you believe it? I know some of you have been reading my column all these years, so, mwah! [sound of me popping Champagne]

How are you feeling these days? I know this epic weather has helped lift some spirits (I have loved seeing all the plum blossoms and picnics and stoop parties and couples canoodling in the park this past week). And now, San Francisco is lifting its indoor mask mandate tomorrow, which is hopeful, although mentally, I’m not there yet (and I’m still hearing stories of friends getting sick). I will continue to heed this advice, even if I’m the only one with a mask on, which was totally me at an event this past weekend, I really don’t care: “Continuing to mask in indoor public settings, especially crowded or poorly ventilated spaces, remains the safest choice for an individual and protects those who are medically vulnerable or are not able to get vaccinated, like our youngest children.”

You can read more plus some FAQs in this post from the GGRA about what this all means for restaurants and indoor dining. Here’s one excerpt: “

As such, beginning February 16th, masks will NOT be required for indoor dining in San Francisco, but proof of completion of the primary series of the COVID-19 vaccinations or proof of a negative test will continue to be required. (To clarify, boosters are not required by San Francisco for indoor dining in SF). Guests can still continue to dine outside without proof of vaccination. Some restaurants may choose to require tighter restrictions than California or San Francisco requires. Please check with your restaurant before arriving to confirm what they require for indoor dining. We are hopeful that we can continue to safely return to normal.” Aaaaaaamen.

I’m starting to see posts from restaurants on Instagram in advance of tomorrow’s mandate lift stating their own mask policies (many will continue to request masks indoors to protect their staffs), so please check in on places before you head over—know before you go! Let’s show respect for how people are trying to stay safe and healthy.

I’m looking forward to alfresco excursions to Chezchez this week, the new Kaiyo Rooftop, Chuck’s Takeaway (banh mi in the park!), Pecking House at Turntable at Lord Stanley, and the Chinese New Year Parade on Saturday. Looking like a badass week. Wishing you the same.

XO Marcia Gagliardi

Onion and white pearl course at Atelier Crenn (with the most magical French onion soup broth on the side). Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Feb 15 2022

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