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May 30, 2016 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: fishy.

This week's tablehopper: fishy.
Keepin’ it real at Barney Greengrass, since 1908. Photo: ©
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Greetings from sticky New York! It was a pretty sweaty weekend for anyone here, which is why I was thankful for mint juleps and rooftop parties and rosé and the beach (even if it was foggy). And an extra-special shout-out to my A/C and living on the 38th floor at the Ritz Plaza, because I can catch a little breeze in the evening. When I am home for a few nights next week, I’m sure Karl the Fog is going to feel great. Yup, bring on the June gloom!

Some of you are wondering if and when I am coming home! Well, my dream Stonehenge apartment wraps up on June 30th (sniff sniff), and then I’ll be staying at a friend’s place here in New York for the first couple of weeks in July.

But come mid-July, I will be off to Italy! I’m going to be in Rome for a few days, and then learning about artisan pasta-making and Abruzzo with the fine folks of Rustichella d’Abruzzo. Then I’m heading down to Sicily for a week of hard-core vacationing (as in off the grid)—I have been wanting to revisit la bella Sicilia for so long. It’s callllllling meeeeeeee. So if you have ANY tips you’d like to send my way for Palermo, Agrigento, Vittoria, and maybe Etna (I’m planning to head to COS, and Occhipinti, and maybe Graci!), I’m all ears. Thinking I’ll need an agriturismo or two, and some beach time too. Of course. Nothing like swimming in the Mediterranean.

And then I’ll be flying home to SF in time for Outside Lands, which starts on the first weekend of August. (You didn’t think I was going to miss seeing LCD Soundsystem, did you?) I should be home for a month or so, but then yours truly is planning to head back to New York in early September for a couple of months before the holidays. I’m going to try to work out this bicoastal thing. What does it all mean for tablehopper? Worry not! Things are status quo for now!

I’d like to ask one more favor! I am trying to spread the word that I’m hosting my first tablehopper event in New York, next Tuesday June 7th at New York Vintners! We still need to sell a few more tickets! And you have a chance to win some too.

It’s a Malaysian feast with chef Mei Chau of Aux Epices, who is going to be cooking dishes from her home (which are not on her charming restaurant’s menu!), paired with Vinho Verde wines. I’m thrilled to have sommelier Betsy Ross (previously at The Progress in San Francisco) working with me on the event! Tickets here, $80 out the door—thanks for spreading the word to your New York friends for me!

Oh, and I am taking next Tuesday off—with my two events and travel next week, things are a little cray! See ya on June 14th.

Mwah! Marcia Gagliardi

Keepin’ it real at Barney Greengrass, since 1908. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, May 31 2016

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