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Sep 20, 2010 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: from the city of lights to lights out.

This week's tablehopper: from the city of lights to lights out.
Dinner at Bruno Paillard’s home.
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Hey, where’s my morning croissant and café noisette? My pre-noon glass of Champagne seems to have gone missing as well (I hope I don’t get the shakes), along with my daily allotment of cheese, charcuterie, gougères, and chocolate. Le sigh. Oui, France was amazing. I can’t wait to show you pics of my trip to Champagne (harvest was such a cool time to be there), and my few days in Paris literally took my breath away—what a city. I’m trying to get my Paris write-up done for this Friday’s issue, and Champagne will be soon thereafter since I know a lot of you are traveling there in coming weeks and want recos!

Today’s column is a shorty—my flight got in late yesterday, I am jetlagged all to hell, and I came home coughing like an old man (no, I wasn’t smoking—I came down with a nasty cold just as I started my time in Paris, dagnabbit). Je suis fatiguée. Look for more in the news department this Friday as I catch up on everything. In the meantime, have fun over the next few days at SF Cocktail Week (look for more events in today’s hopper!), and I’ll pop up later this week.

Au revoir!

Marcia Gagliardi

Dinner at Bruno Paillard’s home.View tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Sep 21 2010

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