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Apr 15, 2019 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: Greece 2.

This week's tablehopper: Greece 2.
A baklava nest, part of a finale course at The Table at Merchant Roots. Photo: ©
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Howdy, gang. How are you? Yesterday was quite the double gut punch, watching Notre-Dame de Paris burn (utterly horrific, supremely awful) while my money flew out of my bank account to Uncle Sam (no uncle of mine). I was feeling pretty wiped out last night while writing this beast of a column—at least there’s always house music to lift me up (sorry for the heavy bass, neighbors!).

But, today is a sunny day, the cathedral is still standing, and I’m grateful for all the fun experiences I’ve had the past couple weeks. Last week was Bi-Rite Market and 18 Reasons’ spring fundraiser, Master Chefs at Home, to benefit their Cooking Matters program, which offers free cooking and nutrition education classes to more than 3,500 low-income, Bay Area kids, teens, adults, and families each year. It was such an uplifting event, honoring the many people who help run and support the program. Want to help? You can volunteer, host, or donate!

I was also so fortunate to attend the over-the-top, pre-opening party for Dandelion Chocolate (OMG, the dessert table), experience the abundant and creative Stylin’ the Saloon tasting menu at Comstock Saloon (for $55, you gotta check it out), and attended a cannabis product launch party with Eric Wareheim pouring Las Jaras in the mix as well. It helps make my writing and work weekends less onerous, I tell ya. Monday is my Saturday.

Things are about to get a little loosey goosey over here—I have a big mymilligram project I’m working on, along with a quick trip to the Midwest to do some cannabis consultation, zip back for the Hall of Flowers, and then would you believe I’m going back to Greece in the first week of May? I think Aphrodite and Athena are pulling some serious strings for me, and I am not going to question it! Thank you, goddesses!

I’ve been invited to cover the Corfu Food and Wine Festival, and am so excited to visit that beautiful island, keep learning about Greek food and wine, and practice my Greek some more! I know, my life.

So, I don’t know when I’m going to get another tablehopper out over the next month—the time to write is a bit scarce (ditto any sponsors). I’m doing my best, but there’s only so much espresso I can drink (thanks for helping, HelioRoast)! Maybe I’ll be able to put out a mini midweek hopper or something. I’m waiting to hear what the Oracle at Delphi has to say. Back atcha soon.

Thanks for reading, and here’s wishing a happy Passover, Easter, and spring to you.

Thank you Easter Bunny, bwok bwok! Marcia Gagliardi

A baklava nest, part of a finale course at The Table at Merchant Roots. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Apr 16 2019

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