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Dec 20, 2012 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: happy, merry.

This week's tablehopper: happy, merry.
Is that Santa’s sleigh? Nope, it’s a Tronco di Natale (yule log) from Rulli! Photo: ©
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Howdy. I’m sure a bunch of you have already left the office, and many are schlepping to airports and spending time in security lines and short-term parking lots (my sympathies). I’m getting ready to do some serious battle, excuse me, holiday shopping tonight at Macy’s; wish me luck. Am saving a trip to BevMo for the end of the night—trust, this is strategic.

Attention shoppers. Did you catch that holiday gift guide I ran on Tuesday? Here you go. Need book ideas? Pete Mulvihill from Green Apple Books has you covered. And just in case you have any last-minute shopping for the gourmand or stylish person in your life (or hopefully both), don’t forget you can swing by The New Black’s holiday pop-up that I curated through tomorrow! There are tablehopper vintage T-shirts, and last-minute shopping and stocking stuffers from Jarred, INNA Jam, Socola Chocolates, Nana Joes Granola, and more. 1999 Bryant St. at 18th St., 10am-6pm through December 22nd.

So check this out. It ends up tablehopper Tuesday happens to fall on Christmas and New Year’s Day, so guess who decided to take some time off? Yes, moi! I am going dark on December 25th and January 1st. I actually have some longer pieces I’ve been trying to find the time to write, so am going to focus on those instead, am excited. It’s also why you’re getting a couple news tidbits today before I sign off. The hopper will be back in your inbox on Friday January 4th, and full time with news on Tuesday January 8th. So publicists, restaurant and bar owners, and anyone with a holiday event you want me to promote: please hold back on that email, ‘cause mama is going dark!

All right dear readers, thanks so much for all your support this past year. I am always so grateful for your kind words, hot tips, and shared enthusiasm for all things delicious in this wonderful city. Remember to be nice and tip big this holiday season—the restaurant and bar industry is working hard through the holiday so you can enjoy yours. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays—and a very happy New Year. Let’s do it up in style, with gratitude and grace.

With love, Marcia Gagliardi

Is that Santa’s sleigh? Nope, it’s a Tronco di Natale (yule log) from Rulli! Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Dec 21 2012

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