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Dec 6, 2022 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: hella festive.

This week's tablehopper: hella festive.
Taking in a special view of The Garden Court at the Palace Hotel, which is serving holiday Sunday brunch once again. Feeling festive! Photo: ©
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Howdy, fab readers. I know a bunch of us don’t even know what day it is (seriously, this month is nuts), but no need to double-check your calendar, you’re receiving today’s column a day late, on a Wednesday! I’ve had a LOT going on over here, from some stressful family/health stuff (all is good now, thank goddess, exhalingggg) to getting everything lined up for the third Hopper Holiday Gift Bag! Yup, I did it again. I’m so excited for you to check out the 13 tasty treats from local restaurants, bars, and food makers in this year’s collection, which includes the latest tablehopper takeout tote design (which is cracking me UP).

The first version of the bag has a limited run due to the quantity of the adorable Friends and Family glasses I was able to secure. I’m working on a replacement item for the second edition of the bag if and when this first batch (hopefully!) sells out. Just FYI, so move quickly if you love that little glass as much as I do! Bag presales end on December 17th, FYI!

Inflation was no joke this year, but thanks to the many makers who offered special pricing so we could get 13 items in the bag again. They’re all very excited for you to try their products, and grateful for your support!

I’m thrilled to be partnering with La Cocina Municipal Marketplace as this year’s bag assembly and pick-up spot! If there are any elves with spare hands to help me out with bag assembly on Tuesday December 20th, I’d be so grateful! It’s usually just a couple hours. Please send me an email and I’ll get back to you. Mwah!

I hope you’re getting into some holiday spirit(s). I have been posting a BUNCH of holiday Stories on Instagram every day, be sure to check my holiday Highlight for a full recap of holiday cocktails, special meals, and treats. (There’s a New Year’s Eve Highlight gaining steam, too.)

One upcoming post will be about the return of Sunday brunch (after three long years) to The Garden Court at the Palace Hotel! Sis and I went on Sunday, and it felt wonderful to be back under the crystal chandeliers in that gorgeous room while eating eggs Benedict and drinking bubbles. If you’re looking for a special and very San Francisco holiday brunch, there’s one idea for you. (Read about their holiday offerings here.)

OK, it’s time to hit send and get these bag sales going. I’m looking forward to making wreaths with sis tonight, and doing our Holiday Spirits and Lights Tour this Sunday—the elves are taking a break from the workshop and getting lit. Thanks for everything, catch up with you soon! Have fun out there!

XO ~Champers the elf

Taking in a special view of The Garden Court at the Palace Hotel, which is serving holiday Sunday brunch once again. Feeling festive! Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Wednesday, Dec  7 2022

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