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Dec 21, 2021 3 min read

This week's tablehopper: hoppy holidays.

This week's tablehopper: hoppy holidays.
Champers the elf enjoying a holiday spirits visit at the Palace Hotel.
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Hello friends! Ho ho ho, how’s this for a holiday week? My word. I hope you’re hanging in there, the news is pretty distressing about this damn omicron. I can’t believe how many restaurants and bars in SF and NYC I’m seeing on Instagram announcing temporary closures due to Covid exposures—it’s so hard to see industry folks getting sick all over again. I’m even seeing some SF restaurants (Zuni and Cassava) creating their own protocol and requiring proof of a booster shot to dine indoors—obviously, they are desperately trying to keep their teams healthy.

It’s such a hectic week of people gathering, traveling, holiday shopping, dining…we’re all buzzing around like busy bees, and it’s only fueling this surge. I’m canceling some plans, and rapid testing as much as possible before getting together with folks. Please be extra-careful, be kind, look out for others, and do our best to keep each other healthy.

I know we’re struggling with allllll the feelings right now. It’s a lot. And it’s the holidays, which already bring up deep emotions. And this week of rain (yay but also ugh, am looking forward to a break in the storms on Friday). I hope you can find some moments of joy and happiness—trying to focus on the people and things you’re grateful for always helps. It has certainly helped me this past week from spinning out (and weed, thank goddess for the weed—and cuddles with Fortuna). And then there’s always panettone. And boozy eggnog.

So, why are you receiving tablehopper on a Wednesday? Well, I don’t know how I thought I was going to get all my gift bag production done and write a column in one day, I am certifiably crazy. I blame the full moon. Yesterday was all about delivering 18 hopper holiday gift bags with my elf friend Don Julio to fab hopper readers all over the city—my Fiat sleigh was packed! Getting ready for round two tomorrow. Tremendous thanks to everyone for all your generous support, I was so happy when we sold out! Have fun with all those treats! It’s very gratifying to receive notes and the makers love to see pics of people enjoying their goodies. Heartfelt thanks again to Merkado for being our bag fulfillment and pickup partner, they have been amazing!

If you’re looking for ideas about much-needed holiday cheer and Christmas meals and treats, New Year’s Eve dinners, and New Year’s Day (coming soon!), be sure to check out my Stories Highlights on @tablehopper on Instagram, which I’m updating daily.

A few more ideas to help boost happy holiday vibes: -I’ve been missing the Tom & Jerry House on 21st Street this year, but the over-the-top house at 68 Castro Street always makes me smile. -If you’re downtown, pay a visit to the Christmas trees in the Garden Court at the Palace Hotel and have some holiday cheer in the Pied Piper Bar (you can sit in their back room for more distance). -The Vault Garden also has a festive vibe and you can admire the beautiful tree at 555 California. -The gingerbread house at the Fairmont is always something to see, and their huge tree is great for pics. -Golden Gate Park has all kinds of installations glowing for their new Winter Lights show. -Track down the Tree Twins. -Play my Top It Off holiday mix I put together for a tablehopper event a few years ago while you wrap presents and eat cookies.

I’m due to be back in your inboxes on January 4th (in the meantime, you can read some of my “year in review” thoughts in the Year in Eater 2021). I’m going to take this moment to wish you all very Hoppy and Healthy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Even though things are not at all how we want them to be, not even close, don’t let it diminish the moments of joy, love, peace, and happiness that still want to find their way to you.

With love and gratitude, ~Marcia

Champers the elf enjoying a holiday spirits visit at the Palace Hotel.View tablehopper Newsletter from Wednesday, Dec 22 2021

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