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Jan 4, 2016 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: howzit?

This week's tablehopper: howzit?
New Year’s Day sunset at neighbor Robert Trickey’s gorgeous house (and pool). Mahalo. Photo: ©
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Aloha, dear readers! And Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)! I hope you had a shiny transition into 2016 and that the only resolution you made was to enjoy life, because that’s assuredly one you’ll keep.

I’m writing to you on my last full day in Hawaii before returning home to the mainland tomorrow, and you can bet I’m loath to leave the Big Island. It has been a glorious week of balmy tropical weather, the cleanest plants I have ever seen (the rain gives them a constant bath), sleeping in an ohana cottage that is mostly made of screen windows (simply amazing!), waking up to morning rainstorms, mongoose sightings, kooky farmers’ markets, eating my first soursop fruit, learning pidgin phrases, nighttime showers under the stars in an outdoor shower, falling asleep to the chirps of frogs and birds, hanging out with dear friends, partying in Craig Steely homes (thanks to Robert Trickey), cooking (and grinding!), swimming in beautiful water (although the currents here are no joke), catching up on my reading, and going for night walks (the stars here are incroyable). Hawaii, you’re such a beaut!

It has been a precious week of calm before I throw my life into overdrive and prepare for my (temporary) six-month move to New York. I leave for NYC on January 16th, so I’m only going to have 10 days to figure out what to pack and get my apartment in order. Mamma mia. As a friend said, “Coming in hot! Gonna need to foam the runway!” Truth.

Today’s issue is just a shorty since I’m still on vacation (shaka). But you didn’t think I was going to let the new year start and not write up my annual rant, did you? No sir, no ma’am. Here’s this year’s installment of the bore: 10 things I don’t want to see in the new year.

I’ll see you again this Friday, mahalo! Marcia Gagliardi

New Year’s Day sunset at neighbor Robert Trickey’s gorgeous house (and pool). Mahalo. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Jan  5 2016

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