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Aug 20, 2012 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: in living color.

This week's tablehopper: in living color.
From the Night Market: Juhu Beach Club’s super-fantastic vada pav. Photo: ©
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Hola amigos! Considering there were 80,000 people who attended this weekend’s amazing SF Street Food Festival, I am assuming many of you attended. What a day, right? Kudos to the incredible La Cocina team (and all the volunteers!) for putting on such a stellar weekend full of events. The mind reels with all the details they had to manage to put this all on. Bravi!

And huge thanks to everyone who swung by my table to say hi and check out the new tablehopper T-shirts on Saturday! Can I just say how much my readers rock? Yes, you. Dana, my fab editorial assistant, and I were blown away with your kindness and enthusiasm. While we had to (wo)man the table all day, we did manage to sneak out for a few bites here and there—and also got styled by some deliveries from Il Cane Rosso, Wise Sons Deli, and Almanac Beer (thanks gang!).

The Night Market on Friday night was really fun—loved the selection of beers from Whole Foods’ Potrero store, the cocktails from Rye, and the fact that Ryan Farr (as part of the Bone & Gristle Boys) was out to kill us yet again with The Boss Hogg. Check out my photo album from the weekend here.

So the madness doesn’t stop. I’m actually preparing to leave for Burning Man in less than a week. Yes, I’m one of “those people“—and have been since 1996! It’s a magical event, and this year is going to be particularly special because my sister and I are bringing our father out there for his first time. Yeah, the Gagliardis are going to be in full effect—it will be one for the books. So I am going to be in a serious crunch the next week trying to get the hell out of Dodge, wish me luck and please forgive me if I don’t return your email for a couple of weeks. (I’m also doing a daily prayer to the jury duty goddess, praying I don’t have to come in this week. Two free days down, three to go. Talk about inconvenient timing, oy.)

Two more things for your radar: first, in the spirit of radical self-expression, I have to point you to this captivating video homage by Bill Cunningham of the inimitable Anna Piaggi, may her colorful spirit rest in peace. And speaking of memorable women, are you aware of the fundraiser for Marian and Vivian Brown, otherwise known as “the twins” here in our fair city? Ends up they are going through a hard situation, and it’s time for SF to show how much we take care of our own.

Cheers my dears! Marcia Gagliardi

From the Night Market: Juhu Beach Club’s super-fantastic vada pav. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Aug 21 2012

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