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Feb 6, 2021 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: last call!

This week's tablehopper: last call!
THANK YOU! Custom graphic by studio1500 for the commemorative tablehopper tote bag!
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High, everyone. Happy Sunday! I know some of you are deep into your adult beverages and piles of wings for the Super Bowl. Get it! Others are out enjoying the sunny day. I’m currently in Palm Springs for a last-minute gig, working on a cannabis and culinary show. I know, how perfect for me, right? It’s so great to be back in the desert. And yes, I am in a caftan right now.

I wanted to check in and give a last call for the tablehopper thank you x 15 gift bag! Sales end Monday (tomorrow) at 3pm, so you have 24 hours left to order the bag o’ mega goodies!

Are you still wondering what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? Skip the roses, here’s your answer! It’s also great to share with your Galentine. Or your bestie who loves to cook and feast with you. Or maybe you want to have one delivered to a friend who could use a little pick-me-up? Or an employee who is just rocking it right now?

I’ll be frank: sales for this gift bag haven’t hit the numbers I hoped for, which means our food makers and restaurants featured in the bag aren’t getting the level of financial support I originally projected for them. (Thanks to all of you who bought one already!) I’m not here to guilt you into buying one, and trust, I know how tight finances are right now for many of us. But, if you were on the fence about getting one, let this be a gentle nudge from me, whispering “Go for it!” in your ear. Or maybe you can forward this to a friend who would love it? Any posts on social media are so appreciated! Many thanks!

You can read all about the fifteen awesome items in the bag here, from the exclusive truffle XO sauce from Lily to a lovely etched water glass from Chez Panisse to Lunar New Year chocolates from Socola Chocolatier to Porcini Peperoncino A’Cruncha from Side Hustle Condiments. It’s a bounty of fabulous treats! And each gift bag purchase includes a $10 donation to SF New Deal, a remarkable organization that has been helping restaurants feed our communities in need during the pandemic.

Big xie-xie once again to China Live for being our bag pick-up point Fri-Sun (or you can get the bag delivered in SF!), and if you order $50 or more in food and cocktails online from China Live to pick up at the same time (or for delivery!), you’ll receive a free chili bean sauce with code tablehopper (this offer is available to anyone purchasing a tablehopper gift bag, for pick up or delivery, Feb 12th-14th!). That magic sauce was in the previous hopper holiday gift bag, and has become a favorite of many who have tried it. (People keep sending me pictures and dish updates, I love it!)

Just FYI: the next tablehopper issue will be Tuesday February 23rd.

Big thanks for all your support for my quinceañera and gift bag! Cheers and XO to you! ~Marcia

THANK YOU! Custom graphic by studio1500 for the commemorative tablehopper tote bag!View tablehopper Newsletter from Sunday, Feb  7 2021

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