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Aug 14, 2014 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: meow mix.

This week's tablehopper: meow mix.
Ducky: the Peking duck spread at Great China. Photo: ©
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You saving room for tomorrow’s Street Food Festival, the last one on Folsom Street (sniff sniff)? The lineup of eats and treats is pretty mega. I’m currently looking over the map and targeting vendors selling soft foods, like noodles and New York cheesecake. Hope to see you there!

Speaking of soft foods, you thought I was joking about writing the Gourmet Guide to Eating (When You Can’t Eat), but that’s just what I did—it was this week’s post from me on Might be a good one to file away for a rainy day (or when you make your next dental procedure appointment, ouch).

I also did a roundup for the Bay Guardian on three of the latest barbecue places to open, check it out.

Today is Ferragosto in Italy, which is almost like their national picnic and party day (it originally celebrated the end of harvest, and all the associated heavy labor). What I wouldn’t give to be picnicking in Calabria right now—my family there knows how to pack a picnic, let me tell you.

Although I am heading to Lake Tahoe next week for my annual chill-out, so we’ll be going dark next week, until Tuesday August 26th. Publicists and restaurant owners, please don’t pitch me on anything that is happening before 8/26 since I won’t be able to write about it, thank you!

One more thing to note: this afternoon at 4pm is the opening of Longitude in Oakland, the tropical and tiki bar we told you about from Suzanne Long. It should help you get into a weekend frame of mind easily.

Or then there’s always the rave cats.

Meow! Marcia Gagliardi

Ducky: the Peking duck spread at Great China. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Aug 15 2014

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