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Jan 25, 2016 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: New York state of mind.

This week's tablehopper: New York state of mind.
Looking out from my new apartment as the Jonas winter storm/blizzard was just starting to kick in. Photo: ©
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Well, THAT was quite a welcome to New York this past weekend—Jonas delivered the city’s second largest snowstorm on record, dumping 26.8 inches of snow in Central Park! Whooooosh! I tromped around quite a bit in it—I had to witness the city all white and snowy! Quite beautiful. Although now the weather has warmed up and it’s a slushy mess on the streets—definitely thankful for my new waterproof SORELs. You can check out my blizzard pics on Instagram (or Facebook).

Another nice welcome to NYC was arriving at the Newark airport and finding my Blacklane driver waiting for me and ready to help with all my extra luggage (if you’re looking for a smooth and business-class level of transport, check out Blacklane with my code, GWHJZ8VJ, and you get 10 USD/EUR/GBP off—and they operate all over the world!). My driver was a New York native, so I got a lot of city navigation tips and even some history on our way into the city. It sure beat waiting in a cab line and trying to wrassle all my bags. Thanks for the smooth ride, Blacklane!

In case some of you missed the memo, the reason for all this New York chat is I won the Time Out Win the Ultimate NYC Life Contest! I just had my first week in the Time Out New York offices, and here are a couple of pieces I wrote for their daily blog on Lil BUB and the blizzard! You’ll see more pieces from me there later this week!

And to recap, in case you missed my note a couple of weeks ago about what this all means for tablehopper and when I am coming home and other questions you may have, read up here!

I’m having a blast exploring my new neighborhood, which borders Hell’s Kitchen/Times Square. There’s Ippudo West very nearby, the delicious modern Korean Danji, and I can’t believe how much I lucked out with this Shanghaiese dumpling shop (Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns & Ramen) just a block away. I also tucked into a pizza at Don Antonio by Starita, my new Neapolitan HQ. Follow along on Instagram for more of my NYC dispatches! I’m also going to be starting a fun series called “Just Visiting” on Instagram, stand by for the first post!

Meanwhile, if that pic just made you crave some pizza something fierce, be sure to check out the new Fiorella, opening in the Outer Richmond on Wednesday night (January 27th).

All righty, it’s time to get back to my double life. I hope you enjoy today’s column. It’s the new shorter format—well, almost, I had two weeks’ worth of news to catch up on, and I don’t have associate editor Dana Eastland to whack away at it with me anymore. Meow. (Missing you!)

See you next week! Marcia Gagliardi

Looking out from my new apartment as the Jonas winter storm/blizzard was just starting to kick in. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Jan 26 2016

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