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Aug 10, 2020 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: one day at a time.

This week's tablehopper: one day at a time.
The latest Chef Shuffle spread (Spanish tapas from Nick Rappaport). I’ll be sharing details on Instagram shortly. Check out this coming Sunday’s chef and menu at @chef.shuffle. Photo: ©
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Hi gang, how are you doing with this lame Fogust weather? One minute on Saturday I was enjoying the sun in Alamo Square with a friend, and about ten minutes later we got practically blown off the green with the wind and fog. So. Rude. It’s making things extra-brutal for restaurants trying to survive with outdoor seating right now. (Check my Highlights for ideas on alfresco dining options.) Bundle up, everyone. (At least we don’t have to wear our masks in 98-degree weather.) We are SF strong!

Or, be like me and get the hell outta town for a few days, if you can. Do it! My four-day break a couple weekends ago in Tahoe with my sis was so good for my soul that I’m doing it again—I’ll be off social media and email from Thursday night until Tuesday morning. C-I-A-O. I’ve been feeling worn out and stressed out (I know, aren’t we all?), and need another recharge with some sun and nature and a break from the news and endless updates over here. Inhale, exhale.

It’s why I am taking a little breather with recording a new On the Fly by tablehopper podcast episode—I’m trying to downshift a bit right now. I’ll be back at it in a week or so. (I also need to focus on some writing gigs and work that actually pays the bills.) In the meantime, please go back and see if you’ve listened to all our past episodes! And make the time to listen to the latest episode with Gwyneth Borden of Ground Floor Experiences and the Bay Area Hospitality Coalition—it’s an exhilarating interview, full of information and insight about what our restaurants are grappling with right now. A must-listen!

If you’ve been listening, you already know about our amazing Joanna Karlinsky, who has been directly feeding the unhoused in SF, and she just launched a new fundraiser since she’s paying for things out of pocket again—this angel and her team need some support, thanks! Anything helps. Joanna is also willing to promise Meetinghouse biscuits (frozen, raw dough) or Sweet Jo’s chili as rewards. Should you want some, you can contact her directly through the Facebook fundraiser.

Today’s newsletter is definitely a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. So sorry for all our friends going through closures. Let’s keep on showing support for the ones fighting to stay open (cruise through my Instagram feed for ideas!). And since many of us can’t afford to eat out at all, I hope you enjoy seeing today’s sponsored brunch giveaway from Scopo Divino! Good luck!

Another bonus: have you heard about the San Francisco Coffee Passport from Broke-Ass Stuart? There’s no better way to explore a place than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing, you get 31 coffee drinks at 31 of SF’s best cafes for only $35. Use this time to explore (and support) different cafés all over the city! And you end up supporting a fellow SF indie publisher, like yours truly. Win-win.

I’ll be back in your inboxes in a couple weeks (August 25th). Take care.

Love, ~Marcia

The latest Chef Shuffle spread (Spanish tapas from Nick Rappaport). I’ll be sharing details on Instagram shortly. Check out this coming Sunday’s chef and menu at @chef.shuffle. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Aug 11 2020

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