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Jun 21, 2021 3 min read

This week's tablehopper: open sesame.

This week's tablehopper: open sesame.
The insanely good uni yi-fu noodles at Palette Tea House (weekends only!), with crab meat, kabocha squash, lobster broth, and crispy dry scallop. Photo: ©
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Hello, friends. I can’t believe I have to write this intro all over again, my damn computer crashed (I blame you, Spotify!) just as I was almost finished. Where the hell did the auto-saved content go? It’s the last gasp of Mercury Retrograde, I know. Ha. Anyway. Here I go again.

It has been a whirlwind the past couple weeks—it’s so good to see the bottom half of your cute faces, to hug, to have people swing by my place spontaneously, and I can’t believe I went to two bar and restaurant opening parties, with shared food, inside, with strangers! The big one for me, however, is this Friday, when I go dancing! I’m buffing my dancing shoes and doing some warm-up stretches, because there will be some high kicks at Body & Soul at The Midway, pretty much my dream kickoff to Pride weekend and my #hotvaxxsummer. Here we goooooooo! (P.S. Have you signed up for your digital vaccination record yet?)

I know this sudden acceleration can be a lot for some folks, so we just need to read the signs and ask about mask policies before going into any businesses (some request masks indoors or if you’re going to use their bathroom), and we also need to check in with each other about our individual boundaries and comfort levels. Respect and consent will get us through this awkward time. This past weekend, I watched a Noe Valley café customer grill a barista about why he wasn’t wearing a mask (um, sir, he is vaccinated and OSHA said it’s okay!). Serenity now!

A bunch of us are excited to be dining out and people are booking group dinners to make up for those missed birthdays and other occasions, but keep in mind our F&B industry is trying to get their sea legs yet again, and suffering all kinds of staffing and supply issues. The bar and restaurant recovery is going to take time. Be patient. Be kind. Tip big.

I go into this a bit in an article I just wrote for the recently rebooted Local Getaways, How San Francisco Restaurants Weathered the Pandemic (and Where to Dine Now)—thanks for taking a look. I’m excited to say I have more articles coming!

Tremendous thanks to all of you who turned up for my garage sale a couple weekends ago—it was so successful that I did it again this past weekend! You guys seriously rock! Meowza! Let’s just say my upcoming trip to Croatia is looking a lot more enjoyable with these funds in my pocket (and I needed more room in my storage unit, so yay). It was great to see you and kiki and catch up, and I love seeing my clothes and bags have a new life with people I know and adore!

Some of you continue to buy the end of my stash of tablehopper vintage restaurant and bar t-shirts, thank you! And look at what’s new in the shop: the tablehopper 15th anniversary tote bag! I have a box of these sturdy and spacious totes to sell, and each purchase is the equivalent of buying me a glass of wine for my trip, so thanks for showing your support! Cheers!

I also want to say my virtual tip jar is open, so if you feel like throwing in something to help cover this month’s operational expenses, that would be amazing since I didn’t have any sponsors this month, and I don’t charge a subscription fee. Thank you for your generosity.

I leave for Croatia in two weeks (!) and as you can imagine, I have a LOT to do, including preparing my apartment for my awesome cat sitters. (Nothing but the best for my dear Fortuna!) The next tablehopper issue won’t be until August 3rd, if I come back! Ha! (I don’t have a return ticket yet.) But stand by for an exciting announcement about a new something-something I’m launching while I’m away…let’s just say you’ll be seeing me sooner than August. How’s that for a teaser?

Okay, lovely folks, enjoy all the good news I have put together for you this week, follow me at @tablehopper on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates and vacation pics, and have a wonderful, joyous Pride. See you soon. When I return from Croatia, plan on a tablehopper reunion event, oh you know it.

XOXO! ~Marcia

The insanely good uni yi-fu noodles at Palette Tea House (weekends only!), with crab meat, kabocha squash, lobster broth, and crispy dry scallop. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Jun 22 2021

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