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Aug 24, 2021 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: pages from my Croatia notebook.

This week's tablehopper: pages from my Croatia notebook.
Another day in Croatia, another beautiful beach. Photo: ©
Table of Contents

Hi there. Don’t check your calendar, it’s Wednesday—yup, I’m a day late with this thing. But you’ll soon see why—I have been burning up my keyboard typing up my two Croatia recaps for you! (7,500 words total and counting…whew.) I know a bunch of you are heading to Croatia over the next month, so I wanted to pull these pieces together quickly for you.

Although, this time, I’m doing things a little differently over here. Today’s missive is about my overall impressions of Croatia, what it was like to travel during a pandemic, dishes to look for, wines to try, beach culture, and more. I also wrote about an emotional encounter I had with the sweetest stray cat while on the island of Vis that broke my heart into a thousand pieces, and the amazing cat rescue/care volunteer organization that helped me, Street Cats of Vis. They’re doing such inspiring work.

For those of you who want my recommendations of where I ate, stayed, and played in Croatia, I have an entirely separate article for you, but it’s behind a paywall. These pieces take so much time to write, edit photos for, find links, and format, let alone the hours of research, emails, phone calls, and outreach to plan my trip. (Thanks to everyone who sent tips!) Since this wasn’t a press trip, I’m putting my list of recommendations behind a paywall to help cover my expenses and time (and pay for the lousy meals I’m saving you from, ha!). I’m asking for a minimum donation of $10 (you can always send more, thanks!) and I will email you the PDF tomorrow (Thursday) morning. (If you think I should send it to you for free, drop me a line!)

The paywall PDF includes eat/play/stay tips for Split, Vis (it’s very in-depth and will make you want to go there!), Dubrovnik, and a couple spots on Hvar and Brač. It also has some additional Croatia travel tips, gulet info, resources, and links.

Please include your email with your payment and I’ll be sending it out tomorrow (Thursday) morning. (If you want to pay me via CashApp, PayPal, or Zelle, just use my email, thanks.) Or contact me and we’ll figure it out. Thanks for supporting my work.

You can even throw something in my Venmo tip jar if you found today’s piece to be helpful to your trip planning, or you just enjoyed it. Hvala!

I’m going to be sharing even more Croatia tips and stories in my first Caftaniamo online lifestyle show launching next month! Thanks to all of you who started following @caftaniamo, and I’m going to have more details very soon! I’m just trying to get a bunch of exciting things finalized before I tell you all about it.

I wish I could clone myself so I could also have an installment of all our local news updates for you today as well, especially with this Swan Oyster Depot incident, but there is just one of me, and I’ve been writing at my desk for three long days and nights. I need to do my dishes, answer 200 emails, and go for a walk. Oy!

Ciao for now, take care. Marcia Gagliardi

Another day in Croatia, another beautiful beach. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Wednesday, Aug 25 2021

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