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Jul 5, 2022 4 min read

This week's tablehopper: Pride goeth before a fall.

This week's tablehopper: Pride goeth before a fall.
Proudly, joyfully marching in community grand marshal Vinny Eng’s love contingent on Pride Sunday.
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Howdy, friends. I decided to take the Fourth of July off as well, so that’s why you’re getting the newsletter a day later on a Wednesday. Three-day weekends are the best, we all really need them right now, am I right? Anything to help assist stress reduction right now, I swear. I hope you guys are hanging in there—there is far too much to be upset about right now in the world, and quite furious about, too (losing bodily autonomy can do that to a person with a uterus). I’m seeing a number of people struggling, myself included, so let’s try to take good care of each other and be understanding and kind (with ourselves and others).

I’m recuperating from a traumatic situation (a complete shituation, actually) that happened the early evening of Pride Sunday, during my favorite weekend in San Francisco. I was just catching a ride home from Juanita More’s annual Pride partay for a quick wardrobe change before heading back out, and got caught in a stampede of panicked people fleeing Civic Center when someone sprayed mace or bear spray into the crowd during Martha Walsh’s performance. No!

People thought there was an active shooter, and were running for their lives. It was terrible to witness—all I could hear was people yelling there was a shooter, and that someone had a gun. I had my driver pull over and we hunkered and waited to figure out what to do next—honestly, I fully expected a queer-bashing monster to come tearing around the corner wielding an AR-15 based on the way people were responding. It was horrific. (Kudos to Honey Mahogany and Sister Roma and the Pride event team for trying to keep people safe during the incident. Sadly, we couldn’t hear their announcements all the way out on Turk Street.)

Everyone was on high alert during Pride weekend, and sadly, with the tragic state of things in our wayward country, it seemed completely feasible that our queer celebration was under attack. I tried to stay calm, and eventually it felt like the right moment to try to get out of that terrifying scene, and my driver and I carefully navigated our way safely out of there. Whew.

Suffice to say, I didn’t go back out that night, and actually for most of the week following the incident. (So grateful for all the snuggles at home from my dear Fortuna.) I am so sorry for anyone else who experienced that hellish scenario, and I hope you can find some ways to help heal any trauma from it—don’t let it keep replaying in your head and take up residence in your body (I went to an amazing somatic healer/body worker on the advice of a good friend). I’m doing better now, thanks, and am gently making my way back out in the world.

It was a terrible way to end a joyous weekend celebrating our queer community and love and resilience (and being reunited with so many dear friends), and I tried to stay focused on all the love instead. It’s awful to experience how close violence lurks and can change everything dramatically in just a few seconds. I’m so grateful there wasn’t actually a shooter, and I’m also glad that even while it was happening, something deep within me was telling me this wasn’t my script, and I knew that my grandmas were looking over me and keeping me safe. Goddess bless. EXHALING.

It will be especially sweet to head out of town this weekend and be in nature and the enjoy the sun. This Friday July 8th, I’m heading up to the always-dreamy boon hotel + spa in Guerneville to see an outdoor screening of chef Elizabeth Falkner’s new film, “Sorry We’re Closed” about restaurants grappling with the pandemic. There will also be craft cocktails (we’ll need ‘em) and A16 will be slinging their pizzas! Tickets are still available. (Hit me up if you’re going! I’ll look for you.)

There is also an amazing event and dinner on Saturday the 9th, including conversation around an intimate five-course tasting menu from chefs Elizabeth Falkner, Shirley Chung, Duskie Estes, Domenica Catelli, and host chef Crista Luedtke of boon, with cocktail pairings from local bar stars! There’s also an afternoon Bombay Gin tasting and botanical walk at Solar Punk Farms (next to boon). Sounds amazing, right? Blocks of rooms for the weekend are available close-by at partner hotels. Get outta town!

On Saturday, I’m actually heading up to Anderson Valley to visit The Apple Farm in Philo for a dinner highlighting recipes and dishes from Sally Schmitt’s fantastic cookbook, Six California Kitchens (you can read my review of it). It will be wonderful to hang with the family and friends of Sally, I wish I knew her before she passed earlier this year, what a woman.

Sunday, I’m going to hustle back into the city for the Foodwise Summer Bash at the Ferry Building. It’s shaping up to be quite the epic food and drink event, something I know we have all missed! Summer produce will be in full effect! I really hope to see you there, get your ticket! Save $15 on tickets with promo code tablehopper! Mwah.

Sending love.


Proudly, joyfully marching in community grand marshal Vinny Eng’s love contingent on Pride Sunday. View tablehopper Newsletter from Wednesday, Jul  6 2022

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