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Jul 20, 2020 3 min read

This week's tablehopper: putting the flan in flâneur.

This week's tablehopper: putting the flan in flâneur.
The extraordinary Parisian flan from Tarts de Feybesse. Read more about this exquisite treat (and others!) on my Instagram and Facebook accounts shortly! (Oui, I am teasing you.) Photo: ©
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Howdy, folks. You keeping your head up? I know, it’s tough. Writing today’s post of closures is my least favorite part of my work right now, let me tell you. You just don’t know when a place is going to be gone forever. Right now, I’m having a really hard time saying goodbye (without being able to say goodbye) to all our quirky, charming diners: It’s Tops, Louis’ Restaurant, Art’s Cafe…they are irreplaceable. So, if there’s a restaurant or café or diner or bar you really love, that you can’t imagine SF or the Bay Area without, maybe order some food or cocktails from them this week? (I know, if they’re even open! If they’ve been closed since March, see if they have a GoFundMe you can contribute to—a lot of that initial momentum of contributions is long gone. Check in on them.)

Which makes this the perfect time to hop over here and sign and share this petition for Congress to pass The Restaurants Act, establishing the $120B Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund. We need this to happen. Thank you.

And please think about our bars. They’re hurting so badly right now. Read this essay from Michael Spike Krouse of Madrone and Pop’s for some perspective on how our government needs to help save these businesses or they’re going to be gone forever.

Have you had a chance to listen to the latest On the Fly by tablehopper podcast episode with chef-owner Sarah Kirnon of Miss Ollie’s in Old Oakland? Many of us already know what an incredible chef she is, with her legendary fried chicken and oxtails, but she is also such a beacon of love and strength and support for the community. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode, it was so good to drop in with her. Thank you for everything you do and are, Sarah. Also: everyone should get ready to come by for some goat curry! Follow @missolliesoakland for updates!

Stand by for this week’s upcoming On the Fly episode with the force who is Fernay McPherson of Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement in Emeryville—it was such an honor to be in conversation with a born-and-raised Western Addition native.

And thanks for any support you can show the podcast—from donating to spreading the word. Know any potential advertisers? Is it you? Please come my way! I need some gas in the tank over here, thanks.

Speaking of gas in the tank, last Wednesday, I got to snag a ride to Palm Springs for a quick getaway from all this madness—so grateful to my friends who invited me to come soak in some sun and desert calm. Nothing like unplugging from all the devices and news and emails and DMs and floating in a pool for hours, day and night, to get your mind right. Three days weren’t quite enough, however—I need to get outta here again soon. Need. More. Nature. Don’t we all?

We also need more gelato. I want to thank all of you who showed up for the GIO Gelati presentation I moderated last Tuesday, announcing their new GIO Club—was great seeing so many of you. You can become a member and try GIO’s new gelato home-delivery service (a dangerous delight and dream!) and get 10 percent off your first order with code ILOVEGELATO1. Mwah. Don’t miss the sour cherry chip, lemon crema, and nectarine!

Which is why I need to go take a walk, like, right now. (And at a much-faster clip than a flâneur.) Someone has been enjoying her GIO cappuccino gelato as an afternoon pick-me-up for too many days in a row, ha-ha!

Take care and hang in there, gang. Hugs to all. XO ~Marcia

The extraordinary Parisian flan from Tarts de Feybesse. Read more about this exquisite treat (and others!) on my Instagram and Facebook accounts shortly! (Oui, I am teasing you.) Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Jul 21 2020

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