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Aug 26, 2010 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: rider on the storm.

This week's tablehopper: rider on the storm.
Szechuan pickles at Mission Chinese Food.
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Well, yesterday was fun: I was invited to return to Michael Krasny’s Forum on KQED to discuss the local restaurant scene, along with Jan Newberry of San Francisco magazine, Jonathan Kauffman of SF Weekly, and Stett Holbrook of Metro Silicon Valley. We probably could have rapped about our favorite places for another hour at least, and of COURSE you think of eight other things you could have said after the show wraps up, but here’s a link to the show in case you’d like to listen to the hour we did have.

One dish I mentioned on the show was the sick, bacon-y burger I recently sunk my choppers into at newcomer Don Pisto’s—it’s like a little Baja beacon in North Beach. I hope you enjoy reading all about it in fresh meat.

Okay, I need to get back to packing up these bins of bungee cords and clamps and rope and rebar, make and freeze some pozole for my night of camp kitchen duty, glue gun pink tassel fringe on my bike, clean out these five-gallon water bottles, finish grocery shopping, start freezing some water bottles into ice blocks, and and and! Oh yeah, and write three pieces before I leave for Burning Man on Sunday. Sure, no problem.

I’ll be back in your inbox (virtually) this coming Tuesday, and then I’m leaving you in peace until September 10th. So with that, have a great Labor Day weekend, catch you on the flip side! Woot woot!

Marcia Gagliardi

Szechuan pickles at Mission Chinese Food.View tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Aug 27 2010

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