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Jan 14, 2016 3 min read

This week's tablehopper: start spreading the news, I'm leaving today (well, actually, Saturday).

This week's tablehopper: start spreading the news, I'm leaving today (well, actually, Saturday).
Item #2,385 I will miss about San Francisco: David Best’s Temple at Patricia’s Green (photo from this summer). Photo: ©
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Ticktock, man, things are getting hectic over here! I’m leaving for New York on Saturday morning, oy. Like I said to a friend, I feel like I’m in the trash compactor scene in Star Wars right now. To recap, since some folks haven’t heard, I won the Time Out Win the Ultimate NYC Life contest (thanks to all your awesome votes, yeeeehaw!) and will be temporarily living in New York for the next six months. (I promise, I will come back!)

I’m going to be writing a few posts for Time Out New York every week, and fortunately their new offices are very close to my new apartment (situated between Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square). This is a dream come true—what an opportunity of a lifetime to live in Manhattan for six months and write for Time Out! (I’ll be sure to include links to my Time Out pieces in tablehopper!)

So, many of you have asked, what does this all mean for tablehopper? Well, I’m happy to report I am still going to be writing the weekly column on Tuesdays, but it’s going to be much, much shorter. I’d say you can expect four or five items a week, like updates on a few new SF openings, a cool culinary event, some bar news, and maybe a really good starlet sighting. While I won’t be able to report firsthand on how SF restaurants look or taste, I’ll still be able to keep you posted on openings, news, events, and more. Thanks in advance to all of you who send tips, updates, and insider info—keep it coming! The tablehopper community is what makes this column what it is—I couldn’t do it without you.

I so appreciate your patience and understanding as I reformat the tablehopper column into a manageable size—the content will be highly curated and succinct. Basically, you’ll be getting the info each week that you really, really need to know. We are keeping the 707 scout on hold for now (thanks again for all the contributions, Heather Irwin!) and the bookworm too (subscribe to the Green Apple newsletter to keep up on new books and notes from Pete Mulvihill!). We’ll just be running on Tuesday only now, like it was back in the beginning.

Moving forward, I will also be including some tidbits about the New York scene, like something really delicious I ate or an exciting new opening or an older but still fantastic discovery. Because if you are anything like me, you like to keep up on where to go in New York! So expect some hot slices of New York coverage too.

I’m excited about these changes—after almost 10 years (can you believe it?) of writing this weekly column, it’s time for tablehopper to go on a diet: the New York Diet! (Much more fun than South Beach or paleo.)

Another big change to report is that fabulous associate editor Dana Eastland is going to be moving on to some other pastures as well. We have been talking about this for a few months, and now the timing is right. She has been an invaluable help, keen contributor, ever-insightful (and sensitive, smart, and funny-as-hell) writer, and all-around Girl Friday for the past three and a half years. I’m going to miss working with her, my talented wing woman on this beast of a column (and business). I know we will all be missing her cheeky commentary—the starlet section will not be the same without her! (Thank you, Dana, from the bottom of my heart! Collaborating with you has been such a sincere pleasure and joy! #teamhopper, fo-evah.)

One last note before signing off here: I’m thrilled to announce I’m going to be writing the update to the restaurants, bars, cafés, and “good things” sections for the Louis Vuitton San Francisco city guide over the next few months (I contributed to the first edition in 2013)! Yeah, I am going to be a very busy lady this first quarter. I’ll be coming back for a quick visit to SF in a couple of months to check out the latest big openings, and maybe I’ll need to throw an event so we can hang out!

I’m going to take next week off to get settled in my new NYC digs, but expect the next tablehopper issue in your inbox on Tuesday January 26th! You can always follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as I take some bites of the Big Apple!

Thanks everyone for your support and excitement as I embark on this next bright chapter of my life. (It feels like such a juicy read.) I can’t thank you enough for getting me to New York! 2016 is all about #anythingcanhappen!

With much affection and gratitude, Marcia Gagliardi

Item #2,385 I will miss about San Francisco: David Best’s Temple at Patricia’s Green (photo from this summer). Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Jan 15 2016

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