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Mar 14, 2022 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: the ides (and tides) of March.

This week's tablehopper: the ides (and tides) of March.
The Faithful Fool at Bar Iris: Calvados, yuzu sake, green apple, sweet woodruff, fizzy water. Photo: ©
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Howdy, friends. I hope you’re feeling some tender shoots of optimism now that we have sprung forward, asparagus is here, and the wisteria is blooming in the City. I know we’re all adjusting to the sudden changes of no masks and no vax card presentations at most bars and restaurants in SF, although some places are still choosing to keep those requirements in place to protect their staffs—I just assume that’s what an establishment would like to see at their door until they tell me otherwise. Just ask. It’s all so confusing [waves hands in the air] and we’re all moving at different speeds and levels of comfort.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I’ve been having a tough couple weeks—my beloved maternal grandmother Judy ascended a week ago, after our family held a weeklong vigil at her bedside. She was a huge influence in my life and heart, so I have been slowly emerging from a fog of grief. Family, friends, and Fortuna have provided great comfort, along with so many wonderful memories. I’m so grateful and feeling like I’m back on the upswing.

But I have to be honest: this week’s newsletter was quite difficult for me to focus on, and then I got nailed with a horrid migraine in the middle of the night, which had me bedridden until late this morning. Beyond rude! Really, I give up. I’m exhausted. There are some pieces about new bar openings (including the Bottle Club Pub, and PCH opens tomorrow) and CUESA’s big name change to Foodwise that I still need to finish writing, but they have to wait—I’m signing off to go back to bed. (It’s kind of the perfect grey day for it.)

Thanks for your understanding—things are not moving at their usual brisk and chipper pace over here. (I know that’s the case for many of us, the world is in such a state of tumult.) I’ll catch up with you soon, with more spring in my step (and on the socials).

XO Marcia Gagliardi

The Faithful Fool at Bar Iris: Calvados, yuzu sake, green apple, sweet woodruff, fizzy water. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Mar 15 2022

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