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Dec 14, 2009 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: back in the saddle.

This week's tablehopper: back in the saddle.
Fried chicken sandwich from Naked Lunch.
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Right on, is what I say. I haven’t quite made it to the clubhouse turn, but I’m definitely feeling more on the normal side of things. Kinda perky. Can’t drive yet, but I had my first outing over the weekend, and my target was a brunch of sweet potato waffles with sweet potato syrup and fried chicken thighs at Gussie’s. Yup, a food coma quickly ensued.

I gotta say, I have been eating pretty darned well at home, too well, thanks to the amazing kindness of friends who came by this past week bearing edibles like Humphry Slocombe ice cream, Little Star deep dish pizza, sandwiches from Naked Lunch (although it’s the decadent celery root soup I’m still thinking about), and baked treats from Sandbox Bakery (looooved the curry challah!). I am the first to admit how spoiled I am. But I also spoiled myself with some baked ziti from Fine Foods at Home, hubba. I just have to make sure I don’t turn into Jabba the Hutt while I’m kickin’ it at home. My bike is wondering what the hell happened to me.

Since my book and surgery are now out of the way, I’m in the mood for a get-together. Here’s a save the date announcement for y’all: I’m going to be hosting a casual tablehopper supper during the slow week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve for those of us still hanging around in the city. On Tuesday December the 29th, to be exact (most likely at 6:30pm). It’s going to be a delicious and affordable Vietnamese feast at ~POT DE PHO~, with lovely wines poured by Pine Ridge. (Take a peek at my past review for some drool-worthy pics and descriptions of the food.)

My friend named the supper “Pho La La La La”—and to that, I say ha ha ha ha ha! Chef Khai Duong is going to teach us about the different regional styles of pho, and the detailed process he uses to make his, plus he’ll show us the correct way to eat it. There will also be a melee of tasty things to try off his menu (he looooves to feed people, that’s all I’m saying). I also can’t wait to taste Pine Ridge’s chenin blanc-viognier with the food.

The menu will be finalized later this week, plus the price (am trying to keep it under $50, with tax and tip included). If you know you want a spot, just email me back and I’ll hold however many places you need. I’ll be posting the event info this week on my site (in the socialite) so you check back later. I’ll also be mentioning it on Twitter when the details are confirmed, and of course everything will be mentioned in next week’s column. Would be great to see you before the end of the year, and raise a glass to the great year that’s coming. Yes indeedy.

Keep warm and dry out there, and make time to enjoy some holiday cheer.


Marcia Gagliardi

Fried chicken sandwich from Naked Lunch.View tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Dec 15 2009

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