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Aug 28, 2017 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: en fuego.

This week's tablehopper: en fuego.
Pizzeria Delfina’s Baja-meets-Amalfi fish taco with made-to-order hemp tortillas from La Cocina’s Mixiote at Taco Knockdown. Photo: ©
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You already have your Labor Day getaway on your mind? Maybe you’re out on the playa, far far away from computers and casual Friday, and reading this next week? (I wish that was me, but anyway. FOMO is real.) Actually, I am going to take a quick final jaunt to Tahoe this week, I just had to jump back into that big blue one more time.

Since everyone is going to be MIA next week, I decided to take Labor Day off as well—tablehopper will be going dark next week, and will be back in your inboxes on Tuesday September 12th. I’ll be able to tell you all about the Serpentine reopening, and Casey’s Pizza, and maybe even Johnny Doughnuts (last I heard, they were opening their Fulton Street location over Labor Day, but that may have slipped). But this week’s issue has plenty of news and breaking stories and events, you ready?

I am so excited to announce a very special tablehopper Indian brunch I am hosting at Rooh with gorg cocktails featuring No. 3 London Dry Gin on Saturday September 23rd. It’s going to be so beautiful, I hope you can make it. Whether you’ve had a chance to check out the stylish Rooh yet or not, you’re going to love this event. Get your tickets soon!

Did you attend Eat Drink SF this year? That was a blast. I had a fun time emceeing the Taco Knockdown on Thursday night (thanks to Foodie Chap for interviewing me about my favorite taco at the event—you can learn all about PIzzeria Delfina’s fun creation here), and the Grand Tasting on Friday was impressive as always. SF really knows how to do a food and drink festival, that’s for damn sure. Thanks to everyone who made it so.

I mostly worked the rest of the weekend, but managed to scoot up to Napa Valley for Heritage Fire Sunday evening—no joke, it was 105 degrees! Fortunately, Charles Krug Winery had all those beautiful trees to shade us, but I felt bad for all the chefs working hard over live fire. Thanks for turning out such delicious food in that crazy heat! It’s a great event, don’t miss it next year!

Okay gang, I gotta boogie, but have a wonderful holiday and hey, do what you can to help poor Houston, every bit counts (there’s a fundraiser mentioned in today’s column, check it out). Those poor people, what a nightmare.

Love, Marcia Gagliardi

Pizzeria Delfina’s Baja-meets-Amalfi fish taco with made-to-order hemp tortillas from La Cocina’s Mixiote at Taco Knockdown. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Aug 29 2017

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