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Dec 14, 2022 2 min read

This week's tablehopper: truly last call.

This week's tablehopper: truly last call.
This will be the last Hopper Holiday Gift Bag!
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How are all my busy elves out there? I hope you’re having fun and spreading holiday spirit but staying healthy (speaking of, you can now order more free Covid tests delivered to your door, get yours and use ‘em!).

If you’re looking for Christmas Eve and Day dinners, latke parties, festive cocktails, holiday treats, and more, be sure to check my Instagram holiday highlight—it’s packed with ideas and getting updated every day. (I also have one going for New Year’s Eve dinners and parties.) Stand by for some fun New Year’s Day ideas from me soon!

In the meantime, I’m reaching out to you with a last call on the Hopper Holiday Gift Bag! Presales end this Saturday afternoon (December 17th). Thanks to all of you who bought one already, you rock!

Real talk time: unfortunately, we haven’t hit the number of sales I projected based on the last three gift bags I’ve done. I’m not here to guilt you into buying one, and trust, I know how tight finances are for many of us (ugh). But, if you were on the fence about getting one, let this be a gentle nudge from me, because THIS IS GOING TO BE THE LAST HOPPER HOLIDAY GIFT BAG. Since sales have dropped off, it’s too much work for me to try to do this again next year. Soooo, if you’re saying to yourself, “Maybe next year….”, well, this is it, babe!

Have you thought about going in on a bag with a friend? (You can take turns picking out your favorite goodies like siblings. Ask me how I know!) Or maybe you can forward this email to a friend who would love it? Any posts on social media are so appreciated! Many thanks for showing your support in many ways!

You can read all about the 13 awesome items in the bag below—it’s full of holiday cookies, sauces, granola, chocolates, coffee, a vintage neon pin, and more, all in a custom tablehopper pizza lover’s tote (it’s going to be so damn fun, I can’t wait for it to arrive). Each gift bag purchase includes a $10 donation Gumbo Social’s Kickstarter to help get their Bayview shop open.

Big love to La Cocina Municipal Marketplace for being our bag pick-up point next Wed-Fri—I’m going to share a list with anyone who orders a pick-up bag of some of my favorite Marketplace dishes to inspire you to take out some lunch when you snag your bag. Or, you can get the bag delivered by yours truly! Champers the elf, at your service.

Just in case you’re looking for additional gift ideas, have a look at my holiday gift guide from last week.

Cheers and thanks and fa-la-la-la-la to you! ~Marcia AKA Champers

This will be the last Hopper Holiday Gift Bag!View tablehopper Newsletter from Thursday, Dec 15 2022

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