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Mar 6, 2014 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: vissi d'arte.

This week's tablehopper: vissi d'arte.
Some of the delightfully over-stuffed brioche donuts by Mr. Holmes. Photo: ©
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Sunny day! Has me plotting what to do tomorrow, which is gearing up to be even warmer. Hell to the yes. I have a couple of options for you, depending on whether you’re a savory person (check out four of my favorite sandwiches right now) or maybe you want to hunt down some doughnuts! Here’s a roundup I just did for on the city’s best doughnuts, including some newbies, like the bacon brittle number by A Spoonful of Sugar and the soigné ones by Bespoke Doughnuts, both available this weekend.

There’s also Festa della Donna at A16 on Saturday, and more badass lady action at Speed Rack on Sunday!

Today’s issue has some 707 scout news, and our wino by Alan Goldfarb on Tosca Cafe’s wine list inspired me to burn some extra midnight oil this week and get a review written up to accompany it (and it also inspired today’s title).

I know, I am so far behind on writing up some of our city’s newest places—hopefully some of you are following along on the tablehopper Instagram feed for highlights of my favorite dishes lately. To be honest, there’s only so much time I have for writing tablehopper each week—the rest is dedicated to running the business, and all the other outlets I write for. Oh yeah, and my firehose email inbox. Anyway. Pant pant.

TGIF! Marcia Gagliardi

Some of the delightfully over-stuffed brioche donuts by Mr. Holmes. Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Friday, Mar  7 2014

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