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Dec 12, 2011 1 min read

This week's tablehopper: warming to the idea.

This week's tablehopper: warming to the idea.
Cake. And Jamet (the dog). Photo: ©
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Oh yes, it’s that charming time of the year when my apartment feels more like a meat locker than a place of residence. At least all my wines are now at a proper cellar temp. Hic. One fabulous way to keep warm is to be invited by kind people to their apartment for a Sunday dinner, for steaming bowls of bun rieu, and plenty of sake and wine (thanks Mark Bright!), and cup after cup of Iron Goddess tea, and coffee crunch cake, and chocolates! Yeah, that is definitely one way to stay warm.

When I look at the menu for the Chaac Mool pop-up dinner this week, I get immediately warm thinking of how good their chicken soup will taste. And then there’s the classic way preferred by many San Franciscans, and that is to get your booze on. This week has plenty of options for you, whether it’s a tequila tasting (tonight!) at The Boothby Center, to Champagne at The Bubble Lounge, to trying one of Camber Lay’s cocktails at the newly opened Parallel 37.

My personal way to keep warm this week will be to pack myself in a room at the sold-out McSweeney’s/Lucky Peach 2 release party at Electric Works tonight (very pleased to know Anthony Myint will be there dishing out a whole-cooked pig to the hungry masses), and just because I need more meat in my life, I’ll be getting some barbecue this week as well (bring on the hot sauce). Oh yeah, and let’s not forget cassoulet for lunch tomorrow! Very excited for that one.

Looks like I’ll also need to keep warm riding my bike and running with all these “keeping warm” activities. Maybe I need to move to Norway, where they don’t have any butter right now. Or not.


Marcia Gagliardi

Cake. And Jamet (the dog). Photo: © tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Dec 13 2011

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