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Nov 25, 2019 3 min read

This week's tablehopper: wavy gravy.

This week's tablehopper: wavy gravy.
If you’re going to call your party High Ho Silver, you better have a 1977, 24-foot, silver Lincoln Continental stretch limo to put in the middle of it. Photo: Cynthia Glassell Photography.
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Hey, everyone! Here I am! Sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks, but I warned ya I was going dark for a bit. I’m just emerging from one of the most intense work periods of my life! Mamma mia, someone bit off more than she could chew. Which is why you’re getting this at 7pm, ha-ha! Good evening.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I just launched the first, direct-to-consumer, luxury cannabis subscription box designed for microdosers, available for delivery statewide in California (if you’re 21!)! Meet the mymilly box from mymilligram (my microdoser media brand)! I’m so excited to feature these cutting-edge and low-dose products, which also come with educational (and entertaining!) videos on the mymilligram YouTube channel, and in-depth reviews at Take a look and learn more about the mymilly box (thanks for telling your canna-curious friends)!

You can order the mymilly box for delivery (statewide!) at And I will be co-hosting this chilled-out holiday event with The Joss Collective on December 10th if you want to learn more!

I also just threw one helluva launch party, High Ho Silver, which highlighted many products in the first mymilly boxes, but was also to celebrate my 25th anniversary of living in SF. Check out all the fab pics over at @mymilligram! It was definitely a hellavated night—my dream canna food rave, as I was calling it. Definitely underground. It was an incredible intersection of my food life and cannabis world and all my party people and old friends and it was a special kind of magic.

We had chef Melissa Perfit rocking a raw oyster bar (thanks ABS Seafood, Drakes Bay Oysters, and Royal Hawaiian!) topped with High Ho Silver sauce (infused with Pot d’Huile olive oil) from Big Bad Wolf, paired with bubbles from Scharffenberger Cellars and Bibi Graetz (who also provided some fab Italian still wines that went so well with chef Rob Lam of 2POT’s bangin’ Vietnamese dishes, with the option to add infused XO sauce, courtesy of Sous Weed and The Congo Club). Thanks to GT’s for their Cannabliss CBD kombucha, Standard Deviant for their refreshing kolsch, and I also had a brewer make a couple low-dose, cannabis-infused beers for the party: a cannabisaison and pumpkin spice hottie! Dangerously good.

We had an ice cream bar, with Humphry Slocombe’s CBD ice cream, topped with Pot d’Huile olive oil and torched Mellows marshmallows (and glow-in-the-dark jimmies). And midnight pancakes from Hilda and Jesse! And then there were all the canna-culinary brands, from Artet making cocktails with their Italian-style, cannabis-infused aperitif, to Pot-Tails from Lightly Lifted, gianduja bonbons from Pantry, and Somatik CBD coffee with adaptogens! Plus party support from the upcoming Calexo, House of Saka Pink Infused Beverage, Level, and Eel River Organics. Whoosh!

You can see why I had to go dark—as one friend noted, “Marcia, no one said ‘no’ to you and tried to rein you in on this party, did they?” Nope, no boundaries, no brakes. Also: no time, no sleep. I like to joke that cannabis is both the problem and the solution in my crazy life right now. [cue maniacal laughter]

ANYWAY. I’m popping an ear back up, and will be posting some way-overdue content over on @tablehopper soon, from some awesome ramen to bubbles brunch to tamal cocktails. Thanks for your interest, your support, and your patience as I try to balance my two media brands! It’s tough being an army of one.

So, I may as well return to your inboxes after my absence bearing gifts, right? Be sure to check out today’s amazing sugar mama giveaway from Gabriel-Glas of Austria. Mark Bright turned me on to the “One for All” wine glass at his wine bar Les Clos many years ago (Gold Edition, of course), and so I’m so excited for you to have the opportunity to win such a special gift set! (And you get a generous discount code, share the love.) Clink clink!

Obviously, today’s issue has a bunch of catch-up news, and I’ll return with some holiday events and more in a couple weeks. Doin’ the best I can over here. (Which also means I have resigned from writing for the Marina Times, after thirteen-plus years of writing The Tablehopper column for the paper.)

The rain is finally here. Here’s wishing you all a cozy and heartfelt Thanksgiving. I know I have so much to be grateful for, and it’s all about my wonderful family and community. The rest is just gravy.

Grateful for you! Marcia Gagliardi

If you’re going to call your party High Ho Silver, you better have a 1977, 24-foot, silver Lincoln Continental stretch limo to put in the middle of it. Photo: Cynthia Glassell Photography.View tablehopper Newsletter from Tuesday, Nov 26 2019

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