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Jan 28, 2014 2 min read

Beer and Bar News: Fort Point Beer Company Now Open, Danny Louie Leaving The Alembic, The Hot Spot Renovating

Beer and Bar News: Fort Point Beer Company Now Open, Danny Louie Leaving The Alembic, The Hot Spot Renovating
Fort Point Beer Company. Photo by Phil Malik from Facebook.
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There is a new brewery located on Crissy Field in the Presidio, called FORT POINT BEER COMPANY. It’s from brothers Tyler and Justin Catalana, previously of Mill Valley Beerworks. They’re brewing six different beers right now, including an exclusive one for Tosca (called, appropriately, The Tosca), a Kölsch-style ale called the KSA, and a San Francisco-style IPA called the Villager. Right now, their beers are only available at local bars including Biergarten and Tosca, and kegs are available for purchase at Mill Valley Beerworks. 644 Mason St. at Crissy Field, 415-906-4021.

Some news in bar land: Danny Louie, who has been behind the stick at ~THE ALEMBIC~ for the past five-plus years, is going to be moving on. His new position is the bar manager of MOSTO and the upcoming CHINO. Danny said, “I gave it a lot of thought, and The Alembic has been so great to me, but this was the right time to do it.” It ends up his immigrant father was a bartender in Chinatown (how cool is that?), and the opportunity to work with Brandon Jew at Chino, who Danny proudly notes is a fellow American-born Chinese, made the offer hard to resist (it’s a soulful project for sure). Danny should be making the move by March or so. He’s working on the cocktail menu format for Chino already, and is having fun mulling it over (one category he’s considering is “fast drinks”—I like it).

Last week, Eater reported that Mid-Market dive bar THE HOT SPOT had closed. Well, it looks like the news might not be all bad after all: Tenderlife posted a photo of a sign saying that the bar is only closed for renovations and will reopen in mid-February. Their Facebook page confirms that the closure will only last six weeks. Whew—its awesome “shot/beer/and a $1 scratcher lottery ticket” deal can go on. 1414 Market St. at 10th St., 415-355-9800.

Photo of Danny Louie by Noelle Chun of (The Joy of Drinking).
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