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Mar 1, 2022 3 min read

Che Bello Yellow: Bar Piccino Is Opening in the Yellow Building in Dogpatch, Plus More Updates

Che Bello Yellow: Bar Piccino Is Opening in the Yellow Building in Dogpatch, Plus More Updates
A typical sunny day at the Yellow Building. Photo courtesy of Piccino.
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A number of exciting things are in the works with the Piccino team in Dogpatch, starting with the upcoming BAR PICCINO, slated to open just before summer begins. This spacious and stylish project is opening in the vacant MAC space in the Yellow Building, just next to the restaurant. It’s around 2,000 square feet, with an airy and light feeling from the 15-foot ceilings, with room for 65-75 guests at the Carrara marble and cypress-topped bar (12 seats), at a long standing bar (15-18 spots), and some other cozy spots, like a window seat.

There’s also going to be a jewel box lounge (with room for 20-30), with leather and velvet banquettes, some Mid-Century style, low lights, and a lower ceiling (which will build the intimate vibe). There will be lots of wood (like cypress) and rough-hewn floors, marble-topped tables, brass accents, and tones of blue and green throughout. And then there’s the restaurant’s beautiful pavilion parklet out front, which will have a standing bar for Bar Piccino customers to hang out and enjoy Dogpatch’s great weather over a cocktail. Whether you’re starting your evening, spending your evening, or ending your evening, Bar Piccino will have the right vibe.

It’s going to be craft-driven, just like the restaurant, with a focus on the terroir of agave spirits (the team loves tequila, mezcal, and sotol) and seasonal ingredients. There will also be Italian amari, whiskies, and low-ABV/no-ABV options, too. Bar manager Andi Miller  has been in hospitality for 15 years, and started working in SF with Enrique “Keeke” Sanchez at Arguello in 2015, eventually becoming the lead bartender and managing for one-and-a-half years. During the pandemic, Arguello sadly closed, and Miller started working with Phil West and Jeff Lyon at Third Rail in Dogpatch, going through the rollercoaster of pandemic pivots and to-go cocktails. She’s fired up to work with a restaurant again, collaborating with Piccino executive chef Daniella Banchero (who will be making a number of inventive bar bites) and highlighting ingredients in season, making syrups, gastriques, juices, and shrubs that use produce from Piccino’s farm in Healdsburg. Miller says her cocktails will be diverse but simple, utilizing the best ingredients (a similar ethos at the restaurant).

A new partner in Piccino’s overall business with owners Sher Rogat and Margherita Sagan is the talented and seasoned industry operator Sean Manchester (including Chambers eat + drink and the former Mighty), who is not only working with the team on developing Bar Piccino, but also two private dining/meeting rooms in the adjoining Blue Building, as well as updating the rooftop event space they call “The Guest House.” (You can rest assured the bar’s soundtrack is going to be good with Manchester’s bar and club history.) Manchester is additionally partnering with BUILD founder Loring Sagan on a project in Sausalito: Piccino Sull’Acqua (more on that later)—Sagan is a partner in Piccino with his wife Margherita (quick reminder: BUILD is the developer behind the Yellow Building).

Piccino is also going to be getting some updates, but will need to temporarily close in April for about six weeks so they can demolish and then add an additional restroom, expand the kitchen and walk-in, and install a new, state-of-the-art (and more efficient) pizza oven. The plan is to keep the kitchen open as long as possible, and then close for construction, hopefully reopening in May, with a grand opening in June. They just got their permits issued for construction, so things are now getting underway. Espresso fanatics: please note the café will remain open throughout construction. These are all such fantastic developments for the Piccino group, who just celebrated their 15th anniversary in December. I’m looking forward to keep raising my glass, again and again.

A test sampling of Bar Piccino bites from chef Daniella Banchero. Photo courtesy of Bar Piccino.
When a parklet is more like a pavilion. Photo courtesy of Piccino.
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