Feeling Bitter


Russell’s Room at Bourbon & Branch.

Cask, Bourbon & Branch, and Elixir are hosting some upcoming events where it’s all about being bitter, check it out:

Thursday March 11th, 2pm-5pm
The Bitter Truth Q&A with Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck at Cask.
Bitters will be for sale at this time.

Thursday March 11th, 7pm-9pm
The Truth About Bitters
Elixir Cocktail Club
Stephan Berg, Founder of The Bitter Truth Bitters
$30 with cocktail samples and bitters tasting.
Tickets. 30 tickets only!
German mixologist and bitters expert Stephan Berg presents his acclaimed line of cocktail bitters long available only in Europe and newly introduced to the U.S. Mr. Berg will discuss his path to creating The Bitter Truth and a bit of the story behind the history and significance of bitters in classic and contemporary cocktail culture. He will be joined by Elixir’s H. Joseph Ehrmann in preparing some cocktails to sample, as well as in conducting a tasting of The Bitter Truth products.

Friday March 12th 6pm-9pm
Bitter Truth Cocktail Party
Stephan and Alex bartend in the Russell’s Room of Bourbon & Branch.
RSVP required; space is limited.
The cocktails are not free, but the event is exclusive to those on the guest list. Entry to the room is free, and sampling of the bitters themselves is free. Stephan will have the Creole bitters with him—these are not available in the U.S., so they will be extra special for the event.

Tuesday, March 23rd 8pm-11pm
Scrappy’s Bitters Cocktail Party
Miles and Chris from Scrappy’s Bitters bartend in the Library of Bourbon & Branch.
RSVP required; space is limited.

Event Info

Thursday Mar 11, 2010 – Tuesday Mar 23, 2010