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Aug 2, 2011 1 min read

More Details on Rock Bar, Coming to Bernal Heights

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I heard back from Front Porch co-owner Kevin Cline about their plans for the International Club in Bernal Heights, which I mentioned in a past column (via Grub Street) will be renamed ROCK BAR.

Kevin Cline and Josey White will begin to run the International Club starting October 1st, when they will close for a couple of weeks to redecorate and plan to be open by October 15th (if not a little sooner). While you’re waiting for your table at The Front Porch, you’ll be able to play some pool, and in case you’re totally hangry, there will be a small bar menu available with treats from the Porch’s chef, Mark Goodger. Think boiled peanuts, Cajun hot wings, spicy popcorn, and corn dogs; the full menu will be available via delivery from the Porch, too.

As for the name, it’s because there are thousands of rocks pasted to the outside wall by someone 60 years ago. So the rocks will stay! The plot thickens: both Cline’s and White’s families come from mining backgrounds, so they plan to pay some respects to their shared  history in the décor. Cline mentions in an email to me: “Drinks will be old timey/classic San Francisco, paying homage to the era when the area was known as the Bernal Cut, to shots and beers celebrating its current identity as ‘la lengua.’ My ploy to make the neighborhood’s moniker ‘southern Mission’ still has yet to pan out.” 80 29th St. at Tiffany.

And since we’re in the neighborhood, here are a few details about ~THE FRONT PORCH~: sadly Friday brunch is no more, but it will still be open both Saturday and Sunday mornings for brunch. And in the exciting department: the Porch is in the process of acquiring a liquor license as well! Good for them—the space is all about adult beverages.

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