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Jul 20, 2010 1 min read

New Suds for SF

New Suds for SF
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2010 continues to prove itself to be the year of beer, because here’s another addition to the local sudsy scene: OLD OAK BEER CO. The partners in the project are Jesse Friedman, home brewer and publisher behind the Beer and Nosh blog, and Damian Fagan, a designer and fellow home brewer. Now, I wasn’t able to get many details out of Friedman, who is getting ready for his wedding this weekend (congrats!), but the gents are going to be offering a farm-to-bottle approach to brewing, one that is sustainably minded, with limited seasonal quantities. They are going to be gearing their product for the San Francisco restaurant and food scene (more on what that means soon), and will feature a unique look (it helps to partner with a designer). I wasn’t able to get any details (yet) on where they’re brewing their beer, or what ales they’re brewing, but they already have a batch in production which should be released in late fall. Expect more on this project in a month or so. Hic.

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